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  1. well folks. I thought I'd update this. 6 months later and we're still working on all this but making big progress. out of the six creditors we originally started with: 3 are totally gone. and the other 3 are being paid on time every month. the balances are dropping and our credit scores are going up. (matter of fact we actually recieved a offer for a unsecured loan in the mail the other day and just for giggles I applied so I could either get the denial and use it for a credit pull or find out if we were eligable.) we actually got approved. *grin* we didn't take the loan but it does tell me my position is improving! thanks to everyone involved! *group hugs*
  2. I've done this one. once the debt goes to the law office a DV will no longer work. (this one got me too) it now becomes discovery. I asked another lawyer and he said the law office attempting to collect did not have to respond to the DV because it was the wrong thing to ask for. If I had written and asked for discovery.....he would have had to respond. *sigh* but once you ask for discovery....the law office has to right to ask for it right back. (ie: value of assets and accounts) sometimes the cure is worse than the disease. *just a side note, I did finally settle with this law office for payments I could afford*
  3. I have been there, done this. Not with THAT particular attorney.....but they all look the same in the dark don't they? *L* I sent CMRRR letters three times to this attorney and since he himself had to sign for them.......it put the problem into his lap and not mine. Look at it from the judges point of view, Defendant sent letters(with proof of mailing and being received) trying to settle this thing out of court and the attorney of record failed to contact the defendant. I'm not saying you would win the case, but the attorney then looks like an idiot who wants to tie up the courts time. The attorney I sent those letters to, then tried to contact me and I made him jump through hoops for awhile (three phone calls), eventually we settled out of court but in the meantime I bought myself almost three months of continuances on the court case and made the attourney look like a buffoon! (always a plus in my book) Good luck to you!
  4. Dark04


    I just went through this in the small claims court. from start (complaint filed) all the way to the end (settlement agreement) it only took aprox three months. the longest time was my initial answer to the complaint. The part that suprised me was the speed with which the court date was set. at first I had a panic attack. But after the date was set, even the lawyer for the other side (creditor) was under the same kind of time constraint I was. after the date was set, it was amazing how fast and clear the lines of communication opened up! *L* The lawyer even told me, the best and biggest move I made was answering the complaint and informing the courts yes, I would be showing up to defend. from that point on, the lawyer was a bit easier to work with. Good luck!
  5. I used the BBB as a three part punch in the nose to a company. the BBB didn't actually accomplish anything for me...BUT....when put together with the AG's office and the FTC and you submit those letters of complaint as well, it just shows whomever you're going up against that you know the avenues available to you and you're not going away until you see some kind of result. I'd use the BBB again, not as much of a threat but as a way to pour a little salt in the wound. *L*
  6. Hi! I checked out the site and the first thing I saw was the claim of 501c3..........Yikes. this means non profit organization. I'm not really familiar with the debt management companies but.....I'm VERY familiar with the concept of these "we will help you stop the calls" companies. through my own mistakes and trial and error I've found (from here) I could have saved myself alot of time and headaches if I had done it myself. I joined a debt settlement company and got myself in a world of hurt. here's my link describing my journey through credit debt settlement hell. http://debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=146 I'm by no means any kind of expert and some of these companies actually help.....but listen closely to the good people here and they will guide you every step of the way. In my situation now, I've eliminated the debt settlement company and am working one on one with the OC's and for the most part they have been bending over backwards to work with me. Good luck and keep us updated so we know how you're doing!
  7. Good morning sweet thing! *grin* told you you would see me around still! thanks for the phone number. now, concidering I just (today) faxed to the first one again......should I wait awhile before trying the one you just gave me?
  8. hi all! I looked at the TU phone numbers list on the sticky here and faxed the court dismissal papers to TU along with my request to remove it from my CR. The number I've faxed to twice now is the OH listing of 440-779-2388 and so far nothing has changed. any suggestions? different number? should I wait for CHOD? I keep looking up WK to see if it's still there and yup! it still is! *sigh*
  9. hi. I'm by no means an expert in any of this credit stuff but I was in this situation and one thing I learned is that DV no longer works once the courts are involved. I DV'd three times and never got a response because I should have been asking for "discovery" instead. As far as I know, nothing short of statements and signed contract are proof of debt. but PLEASE don't take just my word for this. Wait for the other folks to jump in who have WAY more experience and knowledge than I have!
  10. normally I don't bump in on situations like this but I did have a couple of thoughts to add. I'm new enough to this board that I only speak up when I feel like my own personal experience with my own personal credit nightmare will help someone else out. one of the basic things I learned very quickly from this board was "there are no quick and to the point answers" everything you ask always has variables to it. alot depends on who you are dealing with for your credit or credit report problems. and the human factor enters in as well. catch a CA in a bad mood that day with his boss breathing down his neck for quota and you're not going to get a good deal or any compromise. but in the same light, catch this same guy later after he has pacified his boss and you might just settle your account for less. look at the concept of CHOD. depends on the mood of the person who received your request. no matter which way you look at it, there are no fast easy answers. it took us more than overnight to get here and it will take longer than overnight to get out. this meesage has been brought to you by my humble opinion.) *L*
  11. hmmmm....gotcha KB! thanks for the info. I don't have a need for the statement but I was curious. and if I read you right.....stating "it aint me" isn't gonna cut it! *L* (ok, so I'm silly today )
  12. I always wondered if adding a statement to your CR did any good. Do the people you have looking at your CR actually read these statements and ask you about them? or do they just look at the tradelines and numbers?
  13. not sure if this would work for everyone but it did in my case. I sat down and figured out which of my CC's were the worst of the lot. (per monthly fee's/ over limits/ APR's/ ect) and then if you have "some" money to go for a settlement. you go for the worst of the bunch and get them off your back so you can concentrate on the remaining CC's and get some control. if your regular monthly payment isn't getting eaten by fees and charges it really helps to reduce that balance. I had some real good luck with a couple of my credit cards. they allowed no interest/ no fees hardship plan that got the balance down to a figure I actually recognized as a numerical number and not the national debt! *L*
  14. yuppers! you've got that right! *L* I can't sleep at night and I can't concentrate at work! *L* good thing I have good bosses and they all just laugh at me and know that by this time next week I should be back to my normal goofy self. this waiting for the check is just as bad as trying to wait for answers to my credit nightmare questions! OMG! I'm still waiting for Christmas too! *L* All I know is "what doesn't kill you....makes you stronger".....at this point I can move mountains! *L*
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