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  1. I did a search about the question and found a post from 2007 butI want to know if anyone has tried this recently. Has anyone recently used the USPS service where you upload your letter & they send it? Just want to know because the letter to the CRA will include my drivers license. Just wondering if anyone has used & not had problems. Thanks!
  2. Thank You Thank You Thank You !!!!! I Couldnt Find It Anywhere
  3. I've searched all over the world (at least it feels like it) for the dispute address for Experian. I tried a search here and on the WWW & can't find it. Finally went to Experian website. They won't provide an address. They only want me to dispute online. Anyone have this? Thanks
  4. Didnt want to start a whole new thread for this quick question I did a search about the question and found a post from 2007 butI want to know if anyone has tried this recently. Has anyone recently used the USPS service where you upload your letter & they send it? Just want to know because the letter to the CRA will include my drivers license. Just wondering if anyone has used & not had problems. Thanks!
  5. I didnt find your post to be offensive at all. In fact, I really appreciate any and all help I can get! I'm thinking if I get better credit than I can refinance my auto loan for a lower interest rate saving me potentially a hundred a month. Then maybe I could bundle my current debt I have and that I'm paying & consolidate it onto a different card w/a lower interest rate also saving money. I currently have about $8000 in debt (not including car loan) in which $1406 of that I am paying as agreed. The rest have been written off or sent to collections.
  6. It's understandable to see it like that. Basically, I pay $650.00/month for rent. Because my credit is bad I pay $365 for my car and since I live in a "not so good area" because the rent price is right I pay $362 for car insurance (between my dh & I). His car $362. Right off the bat that's $1739.00 a month. Because of the housing crisis here in cleveland, nice houses are selling for really cheap ($25,000-$55,000 {forclosure-everyone is losing their house because of that interest rate thingy}) in better areas than where I live. According to my insurance agent if I move out of cleveland and get into one of these suburbs where these houses are cheap, I would save $100 a month on my insurance right off the bat. Then if I can clean up my credit reports, I'm thinking I can refinance my auto loan to get a lower price than $365/month. If I can get into one of these houses the price is almost the same as an auto loan (on the lower end of course) so I would either be paying the same or lower per month for housing and actually own it. This debt is reeeeaaaalllly old and most almost out of the SOL. I had a problem about 8 years ago where I only made $800 a month, had to feed 2 people and lived in a crappy house that still cost me $450 a month. Not to mention car payments, electric & gas payments so I opened credit cards to pay for food & living expenses. Maybe my thinking is wrong. The reason I was talking about bankruptcy is because if the creditors can see the stuff even when their off of my credit report, then this "lower interest rate" stuff is out of the question and from what I can tell as long as I can keep my car (which I pay religiously-cant get to work w/o a car ) then at least I'll have 1 good thing on my credit report which can push me toward a good credit rating. FHA says that 2 years after bankruptcy they'll finance a house as long as I show that I have some good credit on my report. Am I thinking right about this? I thought that this is why people on this board were doing this, but I maybe I'm wrong ? I can pay my current bills, but the old ones from the past are too much to be able to pay off I'm really not trying to be a deadbeat. I know I owe the stuff, it's just I cant pay my current bills and the old ones. I'm just trying to make things cheaper for me and then in the long run I can pay them with all the money I'll save with better credit. So should I keep trying on the credit repair even though I technically owe the stuff, or should I just file bankruptcy & get the stuff paid & work on my credit. Andy advice would be greatly appreciated.
  7. If I get negatives off of my credit report yet I still owe the bills, can potential lenders see these? I'm trying to eventually purchase a house. If they can, I need to file bankruptcy
  8. If my Credit report shows an account 150 days past due as of 09/2003 doesnt that mean that my last payment was in 04/2003? If so, is that the month that the statute of limitations starts? My 2006 Experian Credit Report shows 150 days as of 10/2003 but my 2008 credit report shows 180 days as of 11/2005 to 09/2007. I havent paid this account since the 2006 Credit Report pull. What's up w/that? If I dispute, how would I word it? Thanks. I have an account that says Collections as of 05/2003,03/2006 to 05/2008. What in the world does that mean? Wouldnt the 05/2003 one be the one I would look at? I am allowed to dispute SOL on collection agencies, right? Last one: I have an account that says "Date of 1st delinquency 11/2003. But I paid it in 02/2005 so that means the SOL is going to go from the date paid, not the date of 1st delinquency.
  9. Duplicate Question - Disreguard - Sorry
  10. Gotcha. I really don't want to rock the boat. I already have an arbitration filed against me for another account (nut it's not on my credit report so the CRA's shouldnt know that yet). Thanks again!
  11. That's the problem - the SOL isnt really up, I was just going to say that
  12. Thanks - that was what I was afraid of. I don't want to send out too many disputes to the point where they do that & then I'm screwed, but at the same token I don't want to send out too little bcuz then I can't dispute for a while. How long should I wait before I dispute again so that they don't call it frivilous. I've read up on how many to send on the board and I know everyone has tried a different amount. I guess I'll try 4 at a time. Still not sure if I should dispute the paid ones at "SOL UP" or not. I don't think they'll have/or will provide any proof bcuz it doesnt matter to them anymore anyways.
  13. Really quick question. After I dispute through the CRA's and given they remove the listing, do the CRA's keep track of the last time that I disputed. In other words if I get them removed and then send another dispute 2 months later, will they know that I just disputed 2 months ago? Oh, one more thing. I have a couple of settled collections on there. Would it be smart of me to put down "not mine" or should I just say the date paid is wrong & that the SOL is up? Thanks again.
  14. Uh Oh Really? That's scary. I don't want to take advice from the wrong person. Any advice from the above question or should I be referred somewhere else. He seemed to give me a valid website that was kinda similar to this one that had some good info and he has 777 posts. Thanks for the advice organizegirl
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