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  1. When your credit is poor, you just have to deal with it. When you get better credit, you tell them "Fix the rate" or "bye-bye". My EQ Fico the month this was mailed out was 730. The only reason I don't close the account is it is my oldest account and utilization. I just called Cap One, the retention rep said this was a "blanket" decision. They did offer to lower my rate back to 12.99, but this would no longer be a fixed rate as I had previously. I declined the offer. But he did refund me my annual fee that had already been paid in July. I declined the offer and told them I would still consider using the special interest rate checks mailed to me.
  2. Funny thing is right after I BT'd the balance, I get one of those check offers for 3.99% (non-introductory rate) so if I didn't mind the bt fee I could transfer it right back at less than my original rae.
  3. In the past month or so Cap One informed me that my rate was being increased from 12.99% to 19.99% because..... (drum roll please), "we haven't raised your rate in a long time". Fortunately I was able to bt the balance to another account. Then I found a thread here where a Wamu account had their account rate jacked. Please report any other rate increases you have found.
  4. Nearly every state has approved the use of credit scoring as a part of determing your rates for insurance. THey don't "ask" for a credit report, when you ask for a rate they automatically run it. As I understand it the inquiry is not counted like when you apply for credit. But none the less they run your report around the time of your renewal.
  5. Oh yes this has been going on for a few years now. I'm not financing anything with them, I'm prepaying my annual renewal policy. Apparently, they have decided that your credit score predicts whether or not you will make a claim. (Thought that was what your "claims history" was for?)
  6. WEll they must be comparing my balance to something. I'm not positive what my exact balance is but somewhere btween $6000 and $7000. for a 2003 mercury with 47000 miles on it. A great deal of people are upside down on their car purchases from the minute they take it off the lot. I'd just like to know some target number to work toward so the amount isn't "excessive".
  7. I received my homeowners renewal policy. In it it states I am not receiveing the "best rate" due to my equifax report, "Excessive or unknown amount owned on auto finance accounts" . How is "excessive" determined? Is it simply blue book or Kelly values compared to bal owed?
  8. Mystic Has anything happened since May? I need an update! Humm
  9. LNY How can I tell if it is WAMU proper or Providian? Hummm ps just checkec my email, I got one from Providian thanking me for my updated email address. What's up with this?????
  10. Washington Mutual approved, BK7 in 2001. 5500 CL 0% on purchases until april 2007 8.99% thereafter (I bk'ed Providian) Hummm
  11. well I decided to apply, 0% on purchases til April 07 inspired me. I called the number and as quick as you can say, Bob's your uncle, I get the "Welcome package". I want to put down new flooring in living/dining room. Hummm
  12. I've received at least a dozen "pre-approved" offers from Wamu over the past few months, 0% on purchases until april 2007 thereafter 8.99%. I have a BK7 that is almost 5 years old. And I did BK7 Providian. Anyone taken them up on their offer? Are you happy with what you got? Hum...
  13. In the past I have made additional payments against the principal on my Sallie Mae. And after seeing how the payment was applied is really confusing. First I had been directed to make any additional payments for the principal seperately, i.e. seperate check, not included with my monthly payment. But when I viewed how the additional principal payment was applied I was confused. Here is how I thought payment would be applied, concerning P. & I. example; say the balance is $2000.00 regular monthly payment $80.00 principal 70.00 interest 10.00 additional principal pymnt 50.00 principal 50.00 interest 0 but what Sallie posts is regular monthly payment $80.00 principal 70.00 interest 10.00 additional principal pymnt 50.00 principal 45.00 interest 5.00 (note not actual numbers) Why isn't the entire amt of the additional principal pymnt applied against the principal?
  14. I ordered trans union credit monitoring for 9.95. It say "get a new report anytime you want". Can't seem to find out how!
  15. perhaps this is why only Experian has entered about 10 bogus addresses to my CR. I've never tried to hide where I live, I'm in the phone book (always have been) Whenever I have moved I notify the post office along with all my creditors, the IRS, the State department of Revenue, and anybody else I can think of. They were also the one that when I filed BK7, showed all my IIB accts as "charged off, bad debt, skip trace".
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