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  1. Good evening. I got a pre-approved offer for an American Express card. If I accept, do they pull a hard inquiry as well? Thanks.
  2. Doolsey

    Lending Tree

    So I will get mortgage quotes with the three major banks. Should I also check Lending Tree? Has anybody here used them?
  3. Now that my credit is good (thanks to all!), I need to get the money out of my house and I don't know which to do. Do I do a cash-out refi or a simple refi and then get a HELOC? I had been planning a cash-out, but I am surprised to see that the interest rates on HELOC's are lower than on first mortgages. So which route is better? Thank y'all!
  4. as George Bailey (Jimmy Stuart) said, in "It's a Wonderful Life." Nice lady never called back. I had offered a very easy settlement, no money atall, just deletion. She seemed favorable, but said she'd check and let me know. Never called back. On the last possible day for them to answer my lawsuit, seeing that they hadn't, I was kicking my heels at my default judgment. Ready to collect and then sue AGAIN, the next time a creditor pulls an AR report and call it another violation. But I got the idea to go to Equifax and I joined their gold membership thingy, preparing for a lengthy Iraqi type battle. AND THE TRADELINE IS NOT THERE!!!!!!!!!! She did delete it!!!!!!!!!! She just skipped the formality of calling me back and saying "Okay, we accept your offer." As I say, THIS IS A VERY INTERESTING SITUATION!!!!!!!!!! She gave me the main thing I wanted. But never legally accepted my settlement offer! I now have a default judgment! What would you do?
  5. I assume you are suing in small-claims court? If so, does your local small-claims court actually permit suing for specific performance? (i.e. making them do something other than pay you money? in your case, deletion of the trade line?) In Georgia we are not so lucky all you can sue for in Magisrate Court is money. So you have to sue for money and then offer to compromise on the money in exchange for the deletion. It takes a non-user friendly court (i.e. one where you need a lawyer) in order to sue for specific performance.
  6. Zounds! Nothing is ever certain, but I'd still have them in small-claims court in a heartbeat. Ask for $1000 statutory damages under the FCRA, plus your filing fee. Even though you are certainly right, you can never know if you'll win, because there are plenty of idiot judges out there. Not that your tortfeasors need take any comfort from that. Either 1) the judge knows what he is doing and you win, 2) the judge is an idiot and therefore roll the dice. they are in a worse position than you are.
  7. Maybe she forgot about it! Maybe she told her boss and he/she forgot about it! Maybe I am actually about to get a default judgment! (Little story for those who care. About ten years ago, I (not for myself, just as an office drone) got a judgment against a large insurance company. I was a great creative intelligent person (who worked for another, that's why I did this stuff for him). But sued the HELL out of another company. And tbey didn't know what in the hell I was talking about when they got the papers. SO, they set them aside. BIG FREAKING MISTAKE! The registered agent for service at some large insurance companies is their (lazy, stupid) claims manager. And they know all about accidents. And damaged items. But you wanna talk to them about a strange "underwriting" concept like "return premium" you are hurting their head. So they lay it aside. And they FORGET!!!!! And therefore I WIN!!!!! And I (again not for myself, just for my employer) won $5000. Was the hero of the day!!!!! But did I get a raise??????? No, Ayn Rand was mistaken. Performance is not necessarily rewarded. Your boss will take advantage of you every chance he gets.
  8. There is a serious discrepancy out there about this! What you both said was correct. I read the FCRA myself and you are right. It makes no distinction! But look here: "What's the hit on my credit? The bankruptcy will appear on your credit report for 7 years after you file. This means you will only have 4 years left with this on your credit report-- a big advantage over a Chapter 7. Other accurate negative reports on your credit must be removed after seven (7) years (like late payments on credit cards, foreclosures, etc.). Your credit will most definitely be less damaged than had you completed a Chapter 7." I pasted this off this very site! Someone please provide me with some explanation for the differing info. I really, really need to know because I am Chapter 13 eight and a half years ago! Chapter 13: IS IT SEVEN OR IS IT TEN? PLEASE. (P.S. I work for a passive-aggressive boss who daily tortures me. He is a serial bully. See and look for the description of serial bully. It is like they know him. right here: I was admitted to Mensa at age 14. I am capable of making more than just an average salary. I have $100k of home equity that I can't get at. I could start my own insurance agency if I could just get a cash-out refi. My wife got sick in '94. She couldn't work and all those medical bills. Long gone, but not according to the CRA's.)
  9. Is it just laziness and sloppiness or do credit bureaus actually WANT us to have bad credit? Are they and the creditors all in cahoots? So that the creditors can charge higher rates? Is that it?
  10. It will happen. As I have said in other posts, I am an insurance agent. I write massive amounts of coverage for a particular auto insurer. (They love me, I am the #1 producer in my territory, they just gave me a party platter of Subway sandwiches yesterday, diet food, yeah!) And I really love that company, they are AWESOME. And I know plenty of people will have a complaint against them, given that they have a jillion customers. They are not perfect. Neither am I. But as insurance companies go, they are WAYYYYYY better than any other. And I oughta know. I challenge anyone to tell me they know that company better than I do. But I digress...every single time I quote (let alone WRITE) that company, I have to order a credit score from Equifax. So I have to make a deal with the devil to get at the saints. Everything (sigh) is shades of grey, I guess. And yes, methinks much much more has got to be done about the accuracy question. I think that insurer needs to (and hopefully will) do something, given the number of inqiries they make of Equifax. The insurer I mention is very committed to the concept of insurance scoring. (A fascinating subject), but the concept is only valuable if the info is TRUE! And how true does Equifax make it? NOT TRUE ENOUGH!!!!!!!!! Reform is in the air.
  11. Just for fun, I thought I might OBJECT to the settlement. I wouldn't opt-out, I'd still take the benefits, but I could file a formal objection, with the court, as a member of the class. It would be a tongue-in-cheek, hyperbolic, vitriolic attack on the CRAs (and maybe attorneys, too?) I would use lots of words like "sinister" and "diabolical." I would say the settlement is insufficient and that total amount of the settlement should be enough to bankrupt the CRA's, so that they can't bother anyone anymore. I would say that some hard time is due the executives of all the CRA's. If anyone can think of some more good language for such an objection, please post. I want to write the kind of document that make people unable to figure out whether I am serious or not, sort of like the Libertarian National Socialist Green Party. (see google if you are curious, tell me: do they mean it?)
  12. I found the answers here: This addie was buried deep in the notification, but it explains it all. It is not at all a settled matter that these entries are illegal. The CRAs contend that they are perfectly legal, but are going to agree to delete them, just to avoid this big class-action, especially since it costs them nothing to delete the things, and the class-action IS costing them. Apparently, if we opt-out of the class, the big three could theoretically leave the entries on, although it is sheer speculation whether they would or not. It is just a matter of which would prevail, laziness or spitefulness, on their part. It seems in any class-action, the big winners are always the lawyers.
  13. I am an insurance agent and a growing number of my companies on homeowners and auto are pulling credit scores and using them as a rating factor. One of my companies tells me that "an insurance hit isn't the same as a credit hit," (meaning it's soft?) They also tell me that when they pull a score it stays in their database for three months so that if another agent quotes that same person, there will not be another hit (if it is soft, then who cares?) Although I pull them on other people all the time, I have never had an insurance hit on my own CR, so I don't know what they look like. Has anyone ever had one of those? Do they affect your score or no?