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  1. Hey Guys!!! Quick question, cavlary portfolio purchased an old SOL account from Ford Motor Credit and now has placed it on my experian report. Any advice on how I should tackle this. I have disputed it once and it came back verified. Cavalry has yet to send me a dunning letter. Thanks!
  2. I think it is safe to say that most of the time when it comes to credit repair we all know that the stuff was ours but we disputed it anyway. In my case my items were old past the SOL accounts. It didn't bother me one iota if i was "lying" when I disputed not mine. The accounts were deleted and that was all i was concerned about. To me this process is similar to the court system. Most of the time the defendant knows that they are guilty BUT, they take their chances and say "If you think I am guilty then prove it." Same way with credit repair.. if I owe it prove it!! Just my two cents!!
  3. Wow!!!! First let me say hello to everyone!!! It has been quite sometime since I was on this board. I cannot believe "God" has been bought into the issue of credit repair!! Simple amazing!!!!!! Heck when it comes to lying about saying not mine etc is religion a lie within itself? No offense meant to anyone but jee whiz!!
  4. Does anyone know where i can find a good tear jerking letter to explain why someone filed bk? Thanks for your help..
  5. Greetings All!! It's been a minute since i have posted but i have a request. I have been contact by Merchants Credit Co in an attempt to collect on a out SOL debt providian credit card. Arrow Financial attemtped to collect this debt two years ago but I got them deleted from my file and now the SOL has passed. Merchants also pulled a soft inquiry on my EXP report. I need a letter to send them stating that this is a time-barred debt and any further collection attempts will be in violation of the FDCPA. I am sending them a DV ltr today.
  6. Here is how they find you; BTW, always use a po box as your mailing address, keep your home number unlisted, and if you have a cell phone use that number when fill out credit apps. www.skipease.com www.accurint.com www.zapasearch.com good luck to ya!!
  7. Experian www.experian.com/reportaccess Transunion 800-916-8800 Equifax 800-685-1111 Been awhile since i have last posted! I see there a quite a few new members now. At any rate take care and good luck repairing your credit!!!!!!! The information on this board is priceless..
  8. Hey Guys, Take a look at this website. http://www.camophone.com/faq.php Debt collectors use this to trick you into ansering the phone when they call!! Just an FYI!! http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=581&ncid=581&e=1&u=/nm/20050320/tc_nm/columns_pluggedin_dc
  9. gumshoe

    SOL Letter

    Does anyone know where I can find a SOL letter to send to a CA? My DW has been receiving letters from a CA but the debt(medical) is 5 years almost 6 years old!! Thanks for your help!!
  10. Hey guys/Gals: It has been a while since I was on these boards. But I am back just ask a question. Here is the situation: I pull my EQ report at the beginning of the month just to keep an eye on things. BTW, I do the same thing with TU using their 1800 number listed under phone numbers for CRA's no charge. Ennyhow(lol!) each time I have pulled my EQ a old entry shows up. I managed to get one deleted(CFC Financial after two tries) but now I have the following, Jefferson Capital, Merrick Bank and this morning Arrow Financial. All of these entries have been on my report before but they were deleted months ago. My DW and I are planning to buy a home next year and I do not need this mess right now!!! I filed a BBB complaint on Jefferson Capital and received a response stating that the debt was mine yada yada yada!!! What can I do to get this hsit of my report!!! I have a few tricks up my sleeve but I am reluctant to use them but it is getting to the point that I might. For example, I have access to Jefferson Cap letterhead and I seriously thot about typing a letter and printing it out on their letterhead clearing me of the debt and sending it in. All of these debts are past the SOL. Arrow was an old providian account. Pls help!!!
  11. gumshoe


    Try this: www.co.forsyth.nc.us www.co.davidson.nc.us this should help. If not do a yahoo search. Good luck.. gum
  12. gumshoe


    Sorry about that.. I did a search while on the Marion County gov't website using the case number that was listed on my report. The search stated that this case number can't be found. I then printed this information, which had a official marion county seal, and mailed it to EX and it was removed. I remember reading that someone did the same thing on this board. Sorry about the confusion..
  13. gumshoe


    All: I have been trying for months and months to get a judgment off my EX report. After doing an internet search and finding the county that this judgment was entered in i did a search on my name for this judgment and sent the results to EX. This morning when I pulled my file IT WAS GONE!!!!! Words cannot explain the joy that I feel to have this thorn in my side removed. I tried like 5 or 6 times to get this thing removed and it finally worked...
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