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  1. The payments on a lease are so much lower and it makes sense to only finance the portion of the vehicle that I use. On our last car, which was leased on our behalf by my father-in-law we drove less than 12,000 miles per year.
  2. I had spent the past year cleaning up my credit and had either validated items off my bureau or paid them. Only one parking ticket had remained as paid collection. So first I am wondering how I am still as low as 657 and second, 657 not being that bad how come I can not get financed on a car lease?
  3. I recently got a parking ticket in the City of Chicago. When I did not pay quick enough I received a statement of my account and it listed an unpaid parking ticket from October of 1994. I did a quick Google on this and see that there is not a Statute of Limitation on unpaid parking tickets. Setting aside the absurdity of putting parking tickets in the same category of murder, both having no limitation, I am wondering how this works. If unpaid parking tickets are generally treated as debts owed then how can the city continue in trying to collect the debt? Does it matter that it is the city and not a collection agency? Does it matter that it does not show on my credit file? It is still a debt that potential employers might have access to. Thanks for your insight.
  4. Alright, I gave in and got my myFico scores. TransUnion 660 Experian 706 Equifax 680 I have one unpaid parking ticket in collection for $70 that I can pay off. I also have a 30 day late payment being reported from a few years ago from my gas company and all other payments on time. Can I debt validate this or is is different because it is a OC? Are these scores good enough for most stuff or should I keep working at it?
  5. What is PG? I started this a year ago, got my reports, debt validated everything, and then let it slide. Now I am ready for round two to see if there has been any deletions. When I am confident I have done all I can do then I will see about my score. I got an Orchard credit card with a corresponding deposit and I am thinking I am ready for a regular card.
  6. I just figured out that I can get free copies because I am a student (not employed) and will be looking for work in the next two months. It sure is nice to be able to read statutes now. § 612. Charges for certain disclosures [15 U.S.C. § 1681j] © Free disclosure under certain other circumstances. Upon the request of the consumer, a consumer reporting agency shall make all disclosures pursuant to section 609 [§ 1681g] once during any 12-month period without charge to that consumer if the consumer certifies in writing that the consumer (1) is unemployed and intends to apply for employment in the 60-day period beginning on the date on which the certification is made;
  7. I want to pull all (3) of my credit files and get my credit scores as well. What/where is the most efficient and cheapest way to do this? LawStudent
  8. I don't know if it is regional but most of the time around here (Illinois) credit companies seem to pull TransUnion. I was going to order that but for some reason I flunked the online credit history test and they wanted to do it offline so I went and got my EQ. I think I will wait to see if my recent batch of Not Mines have any effect. So far out of six negatives, two dropped off and two validated. Waiting on two more although one is a 60 days late from 6.9 years ago so that drops off in November anyways. Part of the problem is that I have had very little credit in the past. I was thinking about having my wifes credit card put in my name. Would that help? Thanks, DrJ
  9. Alright, I broke down and bought my Fico score from Equifax. It is 630 and that has three collectiosn, one of which I got notice today was going to be dropped. The other two I am going to pay and try for deletion. What I am wondering is this. 630 is in the bottom 20% but I see many older posters here with similar scores. How come I keep getting rejected for credit cards? I even got rejected for a household secured card. DrJ
  10. Besides the parking tickets the rest of the negatives are dropping like flies. I will try for a credit card soon! DrJ
  11. What is the SOL on parking tickets that are at a collection agency? I am in Illinois. DrJ
  12. Hi Sis, I am in Illinois. The paid collection and the three open collections are for utilitiy bills from a previous home. They are all 2 to 4 years since last payment. The late payment was on an auto loan. That one is set to drop off in a few months anyways. I did notice a 30 day late in the last three months from a current utility so I may beed help there. DrJ
  13. I have six negative items on my TU. One is just a 60 days late payment from 6.9 years ago so that one I am not worried about. One other I DV and Not Mined to the CRA and it dropped off. One more is paid collection(stupid me before I knew about this board). This leaves three open collection accounts that in total are valued at less than $300. I would be willing to pay them off since they are so nominal and I also will need to get clean for a job related issue by March of next year. I DV'd the CA but even if I get them to drop off my credit file I still need them to be paid off. I would like to get them paid with deletion so I was thinking that after I Not Mine the CRA and as usual they will not have the means to validate then I could go in with an offer to pay it off on my terms. Is there anything you guys can think of to get them amenable to do the Paid as agreed or deletion after I have said not mine? Thanks. DrJ
  14. How can you dispute as not mine and then move on to dispute the accuracy of the information when you just said it was not yours? Is it just a matter of the CA giving up? DrJ
  15. Yes but I still need to get the CA to verify or not and submit it as a dispute or not, don't I? Or do I just forget the verification, wait an appropriate amount of time with the CA, and then dispute again as not mine with lack of validation from CA as proof? Thanks, I think I just got spooked because this was my first step in my credit rehabilitation journey and it was a bad first step. DrJ
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