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  1. Have you contacted a NACA atty. at NACA.net? If this was in your BK do you still have info confirming this?
  2. Can you be more specific? This can mean anything from MP downloads to an acct. with GEMB!
  3. Please make sure you hang on to all of your papers from the Post office and your letters as you do have this for your case. Validation is your right!
  4. When I was in credit repair, I placed a fraud alert on my CRA's, as I believe my records had been compromised. Many JDB/CRA's will use another person's name (as they might not have the person's SSAN) and reage and place it on someone else's credit report. (this happened to me!)
  5. Good for you!!! I've been there and if you read and ask questions, you will learn and earn and get past that 750!!!
  6. Anyone trying to build or rebuild their credit and they find a CU lending them secured, do a thorough investigation to insure its you get them to report to the big three. The same holds for banks. Many lenders report secured as unsecured, but some do report as secured. Banks tend to give you a small amount of money in addition to your deposit, but many CU's only let you borrow only on your money.
  7. This is not meant to be a fight with you but of course the average reader would know this was meant to be CRA's!!!
  8. So very true. Itsa illegal, I went to a bodega once and they tried to make me pay a surcharge for using a CC, I left everything there, but had I known then, I would have gone after them.
  9. Read the statement. Kevin was speaking of secured. He said he recently got it unsecured. Of course its good to know many things but there are many banks that offer secure credit and they report to all three. Bank of America, National City and I believe CitiCards have secured cards. Credit Unions will mainly give you dollar for dollar on your money and all might not report to all three on secured CC's.
  10. Any credit card that has a low available credit is hurting your score. FICO will be changing for AU, but currently when you are added as an AU the more credit used hurt your FICO.
  11. Can you explain what you are saying? Many CU's only report to 2 CRA's at most. My CU does happen to report to all three (Penfed) but I do not know if they have secured cards.
  12. Be careful with disputing inquiries because some lenders will think someone has committed fraud against you, especially if you were approved. "B" is the best way to remove from TU and EQ but EX requires time.
  13. As long as you did not give any false info with your application, you should be just fine. IMO many people open too many Amex cards without age, or open many other TL's during or after their approval and they are always doing AR's and see this and worry that your income might not support your CL's.
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