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  1. I live in Utah. Why is a defaulted judgment worse than another? I am seriously ill and don't know if I can bear to fight this out,which is why I lean towards ignoring it. How will my letter/answer to the sommons save my rights? They are going to issue a judgment anyway right? Thanks for your help!
  2. CA's have called my neighbors for info. about me. (Do they know me,where am I,etc.) Is this legal? If it IS, why is this harassment allowed? If NOT what can I do to stop it? Thank you!
  3. I have 10 days to respond to a mailed sommons for a credit card debt. If I don't respond "to the complaint with the clerk" by writing to the CC's lawyer can I go to jail? What can they do to me other than issue a judgment against me after the 10 days go by and it is filed with the court? I have a physical disability and get SSI payments they are my ONLY income/asset. I do not own anything. Can they garnish my SSI payments? Thank you for your help!