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  1. I have been trying to follow all of this but one thing I have to ask. Did you verify that PRA has been boned in the state of Texas to collect on debts? I looked and as of now, I can not find them listed with the state. This is a special law under the finance codes stating that any entity engaging in debt collection must post a bond with the state to legally collect debts in the state. This could be to your advantage because PRA and their lawyers could be on the hook for violations Texas laws. Talk to a lawyer since it is already blown up around you.
  2. I C Systems is not bonded to collect debts in Texas. You can sue and collect $500 for every collection attempt they make.
  3. I could use some help with this one. I had an alarm system installed in my home. The monitoring company has a one year auto renewing service contract to cover the system. Before the one year was up I called and sent them a letter stating not to renew the contract becouse of a job move. After I left the house, I found out that they did not cancel it but renewd the contract and keep billing me for the service for four to five more months. I became aware it when a collection co contacted me saying that iI owed $290.00 witch is equal to a full one year of service. I have not responded to them becouse I was hoping to get advise from here first. The only proof I have is the electronic form of the letter with the file creation date. Any advise would be nice
  4. They will not correct the problem. Even though I call and said that the joining was a mistake and should have never happened in the first place. They are being total jerks over it. That is why I am looking for any way to force them to fix the error. I am ready to take them to court so any legal statues, reference case law, or any other legal examples to help me in a legal sute would help.
  5. Can someone answer this, We had one of our CC made joint by accident. (Long story) Now my CR is showing the past history of the account before it was made a joint account. So deragitory info that happended to the account prior to it being made a joint account is showing as if it was mine all along. Is there not an FTC reg on this? HELP!!!!!! please
  6. Thanks for the info. I will breath a bit easyer.
  7. I have been looking for a change of jobs and I have found that part of the application usualy request to do a background check, credit worthyness, etc. You basicly give them Permissable permission to pull your credit now and any other time. Try applying at Home depot and you will see what I mean. This is un-nerving becouse it would be a hard pull on your credit amoung other concerns. My reaction is "what does my credit report have to do with how good of a job I can do". So,, My question, I read somewhere on here that you can have your credit file locked down and can only be accessed if you send notification to the CRA's first. Can some one point me in the right direction. Also if someone can clue me in on this employers looking into your credit file thing. I have not had to look for a job for quite some time. Thanks
  8. That is a great web link. It is like knowing your opponets battle plans before a battle.
  9. I have a problem I could use direction with. My girl friend has a direct merchant credit card that she has had for ten years now. We asked for me to be added as an authorized user so I could speak in her behalf and nothing more. They sent a form to do that. She signed it and from the way the form read, I was supposed to sign it, and I did. I was not clear that my signing it made me become a co-owner not an authorized user. We had sealed it up but did not send it because we decided not to do it. It somehow got shuffled in with the bills going out and was sent. I was aware of this when I received a second card in the mail. I called them to inquire and they said that I was a co-owner and it will go on my credit. They are refusing to fix the mistake and will only remove me if the debt is paid off first. Even though I explained this was not our requested action, they will not fix the problem and are holding me as joint responsible owner of the account. What recourse do I have, if any to force them to remove me from the account and to restore her account to original state? We live in Texas, but I do not know where to look for info on this subject Thank again for any advice you can give
  10. From what I understand, If you live in the great state of Texas, Texas has TOTAL homestead exemption that would protect the property. I anyone knows different, I would like to know.