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  1. I found a credit Union that I can join. What category would you put my scores in ?
  2. Hi, I'm searching for a personal loan in the range of 5K to 10K. There isn't a credit union in my area. my credit scores are TU--659,EQ--661,EX--657. I do have some debt. I know Beneficial,Citi,Wells Fargo offers these types of loans...Will I be able to qualify? What credit report do these lenders use for Michigan?
  3. The mortgage company allowed 2,500 dollars towards closing cost if we chose them instead of outside there companies. So I guess we could've saved more money finding a different broker from viewing you're website.
  4. The mortgage company stated the credit is good.........53K income/ good steady employment history/ debt to income is decent....I don't know my scores though........
  5. I attempted to re-finance my vehicle, but was told the vehicle had too many miles. The company did a credit check , but if its an inquiry without an account number how shall I dispute the inquiry?
  6. Greetings: I am purchasing a condo. I have a good faith estimate that indicates: Purchase price--- 150K Loan before MIP/FF 145,500K Loan after MIP/FF 145,500 Interst rate 5.625% Loan term 3 yr arm Conventional Closing cost 2169.50 Principal & Interest 857.00 MIP/PMI 82.50 Insurance escrow 40.00 Tax escrow 150.00 Association fees 21.00 Total estimated payments 1,131.08 Closing cost application fee left blank Origination fee left blank Loan discount left blank Appraisal fee 250.00 Credit report 50.00 SRP left blank underwriting fee 375.00 Closing fe
  7. The charge off was a personal loan. I settled the account in may of 2002. I think it took at least 6 months to charge off prior to that date. The acct was First Union National bank now Wachovia Bank. In the negotiation I didn't ask for permanent removal. My reports show this acct as a paid charge off.
  8. I have a paid charge off with Wachovia Bank. I have disputed this a few times with all 3 reports in which they verified as mine. I didn't know enough at the time of settlement to demand removal. Can anyone help me out on what my next step should be to get this acct off my reports???
  9. Greetings: I was offered a settlement with the condition being pay what I can on a 6K credit card and they would double the amount meaning the settlement would be 50% plus the creditor would put a now paying status on my credit report. These people have had this charge off for at least a year , and I had them sign for proof validation with no response.....what do you think.....If I did this what other assurances would need to get in writing??