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  1. Hey..anyone? NYSEG New York State Electric and gas verified a $300 debt as valid after I disputed with EQ. They had proof that it was a $0 balance. Do I have a case?
  2. To summarize: We took NYSEG (Gas and Electric) out of my name and into my wife's name in August. NYSEG then sent the final bill of $300 to me at an address we have not lived in since 2007! In October NYSEG calls and says the service is going to be shut off for non payment of the final bill. I said.."I did not get a final bill"..they said.."we sent it to your address at 000 Main St..".I said.."we moved out of that house in 2007". They said "sorry, our error." I then paid the $300 over the phone. November rolls around and I get a call from Alliance One Collections. NYSEG sent the ac
  3. I almost forgot how to fight this. I have not posted here in quite a while.
  4. In August we put NYSEG (New York State Electric and Gas) in my wife's name. NYSEG sent the final bills to an address I moved out of in 2007! Nyseg calls my wife in October and said they were going to turn off the service at the old address if it is not paid. She told them of their error and paid the balance, $300. In November I received a call from Alliance One saying i owed $300 and it would hit my credit report soon. I called NYSEG and they assured me that the Alliance One would be notified of the payment. In December it shows up on my credit report! I called NYSEG and they told m
  5. I was injured at work last year. The hospital billed the wrong company that I work for. Worker's comp. case. The bill was not paid and it went to Pinnacle collections. I called Pinnacle in September and told them the story and how the bill being sent to collections was an error and I was not responsible for it. They contacted my work and the hospital for a claim number. I have called them once a week and gave them all the numbers they should call. As of today it is still not paid and also on my credit report. The Pinnacle rep said it would be updated on my report as "paid" once it is pai
  6. Once these debts are gone we will only buy with cash. We have learned our lesson the hard way about credit cards. We can afford the house as we live in Western N.Y. where the housing market has remained stable and houses are very affordable. As an example, the house we are building is 2600 square feet for $210,000 with very nice upgrades, lot included. I will talk to the lender to see what they think. Thanks.
  7. We are going to build a new house. I have $20,000 in CC debt and my wife has $10,000 in CC debt. We have $20,000 cash available to pay down this debt. My scores are 660-680 and my wifes are 650-670. Senario #1: I pay off all my debt and none of my wifes and my scores would jump to 755+ Senario #2 I pay off $15,000 of my debt and $5000 of my wifes and our scores would both be in into the low 700's. Senario #3 Pay off $10,000 of my debt and $10,000 of my wifes. My score would be close to 700 and my wifes around 720. What would be my best option? Thanks
  8. I sent a DV letter within 30 days crrr, no response after 30 days, what is my next step? It is not on my CR and was for $120 cell phone bill from 6 or 7 years ago.
  9. Sent them this letter and e-mailed, using read notify e-mail tracking (, everyone I could find with an AFNI e-mail including Bruce F. Griffin, Chairman & CEO Afni, Inc.: Lisa Anderson Paralegal Afni, Inc. 1310 Martin Luther King Drive Bloomington, IL 61701 Re: Afni, Inc. Account #: 00000000000 Dear Ms. Anderson, I received your letter dated March 15, 2005 stating that Afni, Inc. has notified the credit reporting agencies to update the status of the above mentioned account. As of March 23, 2005 the accounts current status with the credit reporting agencies is st
  10. I cannot pull up a new report at, they removed the button that you click to order a new report, my membership is still good.
  11. In a letter from CitiFinancial's Deputy General Counsel/VP they state "We have submitted a request to the three major credit-reporting agencies instructing them to delete the tradeline". The settlement agreement included that demand, if they relist it they violate the agreement and I could sue them again.
  12. I understand the settlement letter, just not the info I posted where I sign it. The letter states that I cannot sue them in the future in reference to this account, if they mess up another account I can sue them.
  13. I can remember a day not long ago when people used to reply to my posts
  14. Citifinancial for no good reason started reporting a account I had with them with no lates and that was closed in 1999 as "Pays 30 days late" I disputed, Citifinancial verified as correct, I sent my CRRR letters offering in a good faith effort to resolve this out of court delete the account from all 3 CRA's. Their "Resolution Specialist" said the account was being reported correctly to the cra's, the only problem was she checked the wrong account number, I have 2 accounts with CF. So I sent another letter CRRR again quoting the FCRA and said I have no other choice but to sue them for noncom
  15. I just don't want the loophole to be closed up. Loose lips sink ships..and credit scores.