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  1. FYI if they do forgive the debt and 1099 you that doesn't mean that counts as taxable income since The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act and Debt Cancellation was passed. Of course it sounds like they already sold it so forgiveness won't happen. My worry is the Act is in affect till 2012. I wonder how may holders of seconds are going to wait till 2013 to forgive and 1099 people just out of spite.
  3. I know its too late to mean anything in this case, but I know why your certified mail - return reciept letter was lost. This happened to me a long time ago with Cap1. The post office told me that large companies like that sometimes sort thier own mail, and after the letter gets there its in thier hands not the USPS. I just wonder if that means there is some kind of agreement they have to make, and if any terms of that agreement are (or laws for that matter) were violated when they pull this kind of thing.
  4. Considering the fasted way to build your credit is to piggyback on someone else's credit line. Personally I have only 2 CCs that I've tried and they said the exact oppisite thing of the other one. Sears told me that since adding an authorized user would make that person equally responsible by law they must report to that person's CBR. US Bank told me that they are only authorized users and by law they couldn't report to thier CBR even if they wanted to. I did not make her an authorized user on US Bank. Sears reports to all 3 major CBRs. BTW this person was my roommate not my wife or anyth
  5. This one I'm currently learning the hard way: KEEP RECORDS OF YOUR DELETION LETTERS FOREVER!!! I'm talking about the letter the CBRs send you after they delete anything from your file. One of the first things I've ever had deleted from my record is reappearing agian 3-4 years later during a background investigation for a state license. I'm thinking it must be from a split file. If I had that letter of deletion this would be real easy to handle.
  6. A few years ago I tried to get on my father's AMEX and they told him they wouldn't do it. Makes me think you just have to find the right department or person to ask. I have a vested interest in raising my friends credit score. We bought a house together (as an investment) and I couldn't get grade A paper because, even though I had good credit, I didn't have the job history or documented income. She has the long job history and better income (she had to file medical BNKO 3 years ago). Once I get her credit score up we will refi with her name on the loan and bring our payments to about 1150
  7. Am I correct to assume you never made a payment? Also is this a judgement or just a CO? I would say call the CBR and ask when its scheduled to fall off and why. They might remove it right there when you point out how old it is.
  8. From the website page titled Californians get a special break on full payment laws due to a legal loophole. ( What does this do to your credit report? I wouldn't think the CA or OC would be anxious to update your CBR as PIF. Would you have to sue or threatened to sue under California consumer law? But then it still would show up as a paid CO. Also the link on the bottom of that page for "follow up" letter goes to a completely different letter about unauthorized inquiries. Unless I completely missed something that must be a bad link.
  9. Does that mean it is good??? I am really interested in finding out the nuances of credit scoring because now that my credit report is clean of negative items, I want to know which sensativities I can aim for to tweak my score here and there. After flirting with the 700 club, I am back down to the lower 600 because of my utilization and account balances. I really want to know more about the score nuances and if possible, credit reporting because half the time I feel as if I am educating half the financial institutions and creditors on how credit reporting works. Its good if you like the subject
  10. I had this exact same thing happen to me with Cap1. I went down to the post office and they told me that big companies like that sort thier own mail. Because of this there is no way for them to track it, its just lost or something, and there's nothing they can do about it. I did eventually get my signed reciept back about 3 months after it was sent. I'd say go down to the post office and ask WTF.
  11. One time I had a cell phone collection item for $108. That company was bought out by another cell phone company, which was bought out by another company, which was bought out by another company, and finanally merge with Verizon. I paid off a lot of bills with my commision check, and Verizon had me call 4 or 5 different agencies. I had the money order in my briefcase for over a year before I decided to use it on something else. I'm pretty sure it never went on my father's credit (he cosigned). If it takes them a week to find your account, I don't see how they can verify within 30 days. Ju
  12. Sears deleted a late from 4 years ago when I asked them to. This was right after they were taken over by Citi.
  13. Sometimes its better to be lucky than good. Good job.
  14. Send the prospective companies an email and ask them. US Bank told me they don't because AUs are not responsible for paying, but Sears told me legally they have to report AUs. I added a friend to my Sears and just yesterday they started reporting to her EX. Hopefully it will be all 3 soon.