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  1. Sorry to hear about the screwing you took. I would file suit against BofA. I just remembered my tag line. Sorry.
  2. You may want to rewrite that sentence. It appears incomplete to me. You say if they call you........... but you do not say what action you will take.
  3. That is the key to great credit and something that I have learned as well..........Since finding this board not only are my credit scores higher but I have become so responsible with my debt that I actually pay ALL of my bills before the due date..................It is a great feeling on January 1st to not have any bills due until February because you pay as soon as you receive a statement.
  4. Texas does not require a collection agency to be licensed..........they require a $10,000 bond.
  5. To get your complete credit file you should contact the credit bureau directly.
  6. Yes the original creditor can be held liable for the collectors actions
  7. Received two letters from them but they did not threaten reporting to a cb........I sent a dv and have not heard from them since and they are not on any of my cb reports
  8. All of my suits have been based on the exact scenario you are describing 1. Send DV to CA 2. After CA signs for DV send Dispute to CRA 3. No response from CA but CRA verifies 4. Sue CA Now my first suit I did not go straight to number 4 because I felt that it would look better in court had I sent numerous letters to the CA. It took me a whole year to get the CA off of my reports. My Second and Third suit I went straight to number 4 after number three and whithin three months they were off my reports and I received a little cash for my trouble.
  9. My wife had the exact same tradeline from an account she had before we married.........I disputed as not mine.............it took several disputes but it is now off of all credit bureaus except Experian.
  10. Same thing happened to my wife......I sent a standard DV and never heard from them again........Oh and by the way it was never reported to the cb........Are you sure it is on your cr?
  11. Capital One Three good will letters and many disputes to the cra for a 30 day late and two years of on time payments they finally removed the thirty day late........gee thanks Capital One
  12. What State are you in? Was the car reposessed? if so, when?
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