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  1. Never mind, they are a dba of North American Asset Services, which has an active license.
  2. Hello all - Won't bore you with the commonplace story, but here's my issue: when I look up info for Frontier Financial, I see that they are based in Nevada, but their license has been suspended. Does anyone have any recent contact with them? I'm wondering if they moved to another state to circumvent the licensing issue. Thanks
  3. NCO called a relative of mine (different address and phone number) even though they have my current and correct contact info. This relative is elderly and it was just after 8 in the morning, so they woke him up. Apparently the call went like this: NCO: Is this Fozzle? REL: Hmm...yeah? NCO: Are the last 4 digits of your SSN 1234? REL: Yes...what? NCO: We're collecting a debt, [at this point the caller starts divulging all kinds of detailed financial info. So, my question is: is there a legally proper way to id a debtor? I've always thought that any company calling (not just CA's) can onl
  4. ...but that's not the worst part. The card is a fairly low limit and near max, but I'm able to pay down chunks and have it at 20%-25% with three or four months. I was looking at the account online and it still shows as open with credit available (no late payments at all). Ten minutes later I go to use to use it at a fast food joint and the lady swipes it, then says "you don't have any money?" She showed me the decline receipt. [i'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she meant did I have any cash, rather than she was taunting me!]. Called Citi immediately, the cheery rep te
  5. "Credit card companies must lock credit limits by default." What does this mean?
  6. bbelchincr, see my post from last summer:
  7. Discover slashed my credit line a few months ago, which I found out about after it was declined at a local retailer. I sent them email through their online account management page, and a few days later they restored it to the original amount. Have not requested an increase from them, though. The late WaMu also cut my CL, but it didn't bother me because it wasn't that much and I knew they were going out of business. Over the past year or so, the only increases I've requested were store cards from Macy's and Best Buy (which is HSBC), both granted. I've had no automatic increases.
  8. Six months for a Best Buy card. Not six months since opened, but six months of payments.
  9. No they didn't say it was notarized, and it wasn't notarized. They dropped the issue after I faxed them a strongly-worded (but polite) letter about state and federal collections violations and letting them know I was looking forward to filing suit against them if they continued to bother me.
  10. Yes - it's much blurrier than most other verification images. But the consensus seems to be to log in and stay logged in, so I'll give that a shot.
  11. This board is definitely full of useful information and conversation, so that's no it. No, it's the verification image on the search page. Too difficult to see most of the time and requires several refreshes. There seem to be many better image-generators out there these days, so maybe one day take a look at one of those... Thanks y'all!
  12. When I have a problem with a company that isn't resolved by a manager, I search for a corporate roster and send a letter (or email) to the VP or Director of Customer Service, and cc the VP of Operations and the President of the company. Has not failed me yet. That being said, I haven't been following AMEX's current situation (I've been blacklisted with them since 1991), so I don't know what kind of result you get. Good luck to you, though.
  13. I only have three store cards: Best Buy Retail, Target VISA and Macy's. I like BB because of the financing offers that are often available, and I like Macy's because you often get additional percentage discounts and cardmember-only sales. Don't really care much for the Target card because it takes too long to earn any type of reward, and the interest is a little on the high side, although the exact number escapes me right now.