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  1. I think you are a bit late on your response. I have been in my house for 8 months and I already have almost $100K in equity and I my income has increased 30K this year and the year is not even over. The last thing I am worried about is losing my house. I did the right thing and got in at the right time. Your scenerio just didnt apply to me. Sorry! If I don't "get it "who cares, I got it- my house! U need a loan?
  2. TO: Rod Paige, Secretary U.S. Department of Education 400 Maryland Avenue, SW Washington, DC 20202 FROM: MELDISHA 111 CIC DR. VALIDATEVILLE, USA 22222 RE: PLANETFEEDBACK REFERENCE NUMBER xxxxxx Dear Mr. Paige, People rely on government for many important things in life, and, because they pay taxes, they expect government to respond to their needs and desires as quickly as possible. I realize you can't please everyone, but I hope you will give my suggestion serious consideration. Here's my situation: In regards to account 123-45-6789 I have mailed in a request of forbearance on my student loan, as well as my change of address numerous times. Since I am in the process of purchasing a home, it has come to my attention that you have been reporting my payments to the credit bureaus as more than 150 days past due. I can not understand how this could be reported when I put in a forbearance request. I never received a letter stating that my forbearance would be denied so I assumed everything was in good standing, that is until I was notified by my mortgage lender of the reports. Finally, to assure myself this would not happen again, I applied for a forbearance online. Still I have not received a response from the department. I also re-submitted my address and hone number change to assure we had the proper communicaton lines. I understand things so happen, however, I am hoping the U.S. Department of Education will do the right thing for this consumer and correct the reports submitted to the 3 credit reporting agencies. First, let me say that I am unsure of how I should feel about you right now. Compared to similar organizations, you are slightly more effective. Overall, my history with you has made me quite unhappy. I definitely feel taxpayers have received a great deal here. By the way, I contact you every now and then regarding things like this. I hope you can do something about this. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely, MELDISHA
  3. I chickened out. lol I am scared to apply. Maybe I should just wait. I hear they pull EQ and EQ is my lowest score.
  4. Well, DH has not credit cards and I thought he should get one. lol For my own personal reasons of course.
  5. Is it better to apply online or in the store for a Target guest card?
  6. who hoooooooo! Picked up the keys today. The house looks better than it did before. I can't wait to move in.
  7. Anyone know of a cc company that will approve with a 6 year old repo charge off. DH has no other credit. He has 1 good auto loan that was paid off. Only 2 accounts total on EX and TU. EQ list his other 5 year old repo. I don't want to be applying like mad because inquiries are killing his score. EQ score 598 EX was 601 (before deleted repo) TU - 611
  8. Well, today is the today DH and I officially became homeowners. Everything went as planned. The lender funded early this morning and it got recorded in the afternoon. I thought I would not be able to ever own a home this soon. I filed CH 7 in 9/02. Discharged 12/02. Even after my bk I was still messin up. 9 30 day lates on one of my car payments and 6 30 day lates our other car. I haven't been late since 10/04. I had so many collections on my report it was a shame. I got all of them deleted from EQ and TU after I paid them. But EX still has 2 paid collections. When I first started cleaning up my reports in December, my scores were terrible. Although they still are not that good, they were enough to get me in the house of my dreams. DH had 2 repo balances and 1 collection. 1 of the repos got removed off of EX and TU, and the collection got removed as well. I did all this in 2 and a half months. I admit I took alot of short cuts and didn't follow the "rules" but it got me where I wanted to be. Our loan went smoothly and we closed fast! I never had to show any bk papers, write any letters, or do any of those kind of "explanation" things. I gave one online bankstatement that didn't even say my name on it and other one right before closing. They didn't run our credit before closing. We owed the IRS too. We got an 80/20 loan 6.5 ARM/11.125 FRM, both 2 year prepay penalty. But more than that, I got the home of my dreams. So, if anyone is wondering about if they can get a house or not, trust me, if I can you can.
  9. Thanks everyone. DH and I are sooooooo excited. I am praying everything goes ok and we slide outta escrow smoothly and into our new home. The first time we went to go look at the house and we were driving away, I noticed that the sellers had a sign with their last name on the door, so I said "It's time for the Smith's to start packing and get out of my house" lol. And now, it really is about that time!
  10. I was pretty shocked too. EQ has been the most cooperative with me, unlike those vultures at Experian. lol
  11. I sent an email to Robin Holland about my JCPenney account that was not being reported on my account. I received a call from a lady named Dinah and she told me if I could provide a letter from JCPenney stating that they are reporting this account, she would add it to my report. That night I faxed her the letter from Penney's and the next day, the account was on my report. Now thats what I call customer service.
  12. Need an account reinserted on my cr asap. doesnt work. thanks.
  13. Need an account reinserted on my cr asap. doesnt work. thanks.