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  1. Thank you for your quick response All these questions for future reference, I’m planning to settle 2 major CC’s. as you can see I didn't receive any summons yet, but I need to know just in case and how all this WILL impact my score. I have a family and so far I have a job. But we almost make it every month paying the min ballance with high interest. By the way I live in CA. Thank you
  2. Hi, I really find this site awesome, every body helps. My question is, after the settlement is done, what is the story with the credit report, And how long it stays as a black point, and what is the possibility to be removed. Could City and American sue in California? And if it happened, how bad it effect the credit report later on after the settlement. Thank you
  3. Hi, Thank you for your quick response, I acutely DID specially with the 2 biggest credit cards I owe them 16,000.00 One of them offer to slightly reduce the percentage not to mush only just for 6 month, and the other credit card did not accept my idea for reduction at all, furthermore the customer support told me in case of delinquent payment my account will be transferred to collection any they will be snappy, and rood not nice like us. Now my plan is to pay of the 3 small accounts and leave the bigger for settlement later. Let me know your opinion please. And how low the collection agency could go. Thank you,
  4. Hi, I live in California I'm really dispirit for help, I guess this it the right place to get the professional and the right help. For the last 4 years, debt piled really bad, after searching for help and calling some credit settlement agency’s, their fees is creasy, after reading some posts in your web site I noticed that I can do it by my self and save the $3,400.00 fee. My creditors are: Discover, City, American EX, ATT&T and Microsoft Loan. So fare I’m current with them all, all I can came up with around 13.000.00 that’s all I got in my pocket to settle. -Do I have to be late in my payment to start the haggle with them? -What if they send me to the court. -Pleas explain as how I can start negotiate the balance with my creditors, which is I owe them between 3 to 10 K each (total $23,000.00). -Does this move will impact my job, they know my phone job and some of them know my checking account number through direct payment process. -What is the starting percent for settlement? -How I can fix the damage in my credit history and how long it will takes me to came out of this dark tunnel with good score. Sorry for the much of the questions, but visiting you web site makes me feel I’m not alone, I’m sure that you can give me the right advice to dump this debt load which starts lately rowing even my marriage life. Thank you in advance...
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