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  1. We are following the debt validation process, and have halted all collection activity on 4 of 5 accounts to whom we have sent the letter. One lawyer, however, has not picked up the certified letter. Since the clock starts ticking only after he signs for it, what should we do? BTW, we have also faxed the letter to his office. Thanks, Maurissa
  2. Thanks for the reply and the links - I found the articles after I posted the question. He has no desire to sue her - they remain friends. We just get calls here all the time asking for her. And thought there was a chance he could get out of it .... Maurissa
  3. One of my partner's creditors has used the reverse address/phone number directory to contact a neighbor who has been asked twice to give him a message to call the creditor. Is this legal? (My partner disconnected his phone and got a new number because of the volume of creditor calls.) They are also calling him at work. Maurissa
  4. My partner's ex-wife filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy last year and listed all joint accounts going back many, many years (at least 10-15). What is his responsibility for these accounts? If these debts were discharged in her bankruptcy, can they continue to go after him for the balance of the acconts? Maurissa
  5. My partner also has an account with USBank that is 6 months past due - because of no income none of his accounts have been paid for that length of time. We are pursuing the debt validation strategy with any letter we get from a collection agency. Today we got a letter from USBank saying this was his last chance to settle the account - that the account has been "charged off" and "remains unpaid" and they had previously offered him reduced settlement and lower payments. The later says, "If this account is referred to our attorney for suit, we will be asking the court to enter a judgment against you for the full amount of this debt with all accrued interest and where allowed by state law court costs and attorney's fees." He had 7 days to reply, but the letter just got here on the 13th of September (he should have replied by the 7th). He has no assets or property, and does not have a job from which they can garnishee wages. He currently has no money with which to make a settlement offer, but may have some in the future when his house sells, assuming there's any equity left given other leins and the price decreases in our market. My question is, should we allow them to turn it over to their attorney and pursue the debt validation scenario? Thanks, Maurissa
  6. I'm new to this wonderful site and it's resources. I have stayed current on two credit card accounts after successfully negotiating lower interest and payments, as they were willing to do an automatic debit. However, the one account that has my ex's name on it would not do an automatic debit, and my current husband - who handles the bill paying - stopped paying the account because we had nearly no income for an extended period of time. We have just sold an automobile, and I would like to contact the creditor that I am behind on 4 months and see if I can get a settlement. If I do, how do I make sure that they 1) do not go after my ex husband for the remainder of the amount and 2) make sure that they remove any negative report from his credit record. This account was never supposed to be a joint account - I don't know how or why the bank has it in their record as a joint account and have been unable to get them to validate the signatures on the opening of the account. Any advice? I am most concerned about correcting any damage to my ex's credit as it seems to be more important to him than it is to me. Thanks Maurissa