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  1. Experian results came back in 10 days with Bk verified. However, it is incorrect on my file.It lists the Bk with 0 assets and 0 liability. Any ideas what I should do next? Thanks
  2. Does anyone know where I can find creditor addresses and emails? I need to contact First USA and Bank of America because they are reporting IIB accounts as charge offs. Thanks for your help.
  3. The same thing happened to me. I filed on the 12th and EQ is reporting the 1st. Same month and year but wrong day. This is inaccurate reporting. My question is can this be disputed?
  4. Does anyone know what car dealership will give me a loan after I filed Ch 7 ? Which are the easiset and the hardest?
  5. Blue, Could you post the 2 letters you sent? Thanks
  6. I disputed an account from Bank one as not mine. I just received a letter from them asking me to sign an avidavit and their fraud person will investigate. They say that if I do not sign and send back that the account wil continue to report as disputed by customer. Any suggestions?
  7. I just cheked my CR's and two of the three have my wrong birth year on file. Also EQ is reporting the wrong filing date on a CH 7 from earlier this year. Are these things that I should get straightened out?
  8. I just pulled my 3-1 PG reports and the report date is May 20th. I thought the reports were up to date.What is the prupose of pulling them if you can only see 2 week old records?
  9. It was discharged in April 04 but my credit report lists it as included in Bk. I am still paying on these accounts so I would think that they would report as such.
  10. My student loans and car payments were listed in my ch 7 BK papers. My case has been discharged. However, the accounts are not reporting positive. I reaffirmed my car but my report says in IIB.My student loans are the same. I guess the question is will these acounts beging to start reporting positive trade lines ?
  11. I have retained alwyer and will be filing within the next two weeks. Should I tell the CA's this? They are calling my neighbors and asking about me.
  12. A CA called 2 of my neighbors last night stating that they were doing business with me and wanted to know if they knew where I lived.They did not state they were a CA. Is this legal ? What can I do about this?
  13. atlas3

    HELP!!! RMA

    Just got a call from RMA. Told them I wasnt working and could not make any payments. I also told them that I had never received a letter in the mail which I haven't.She said that they mailed it and cant be responsible for mail.I asked her to prove it and she said she couln't. She was telling me she was writing down that I refused to pay because I am not working. WTF? Alos that they would get their money one way or the other. Any thoughts?
  14. Collection agency called and said they just got my cap 1 account on Friday. They said they will settle for 50 percent . They have only had the account for a few days amd they already want to settle.Is this the norm? I told them I cannot even give them the 50 percent. He advised me that Cap 1 likes to take care of these things quickly since I do have a high balance. The guy had called earlier to one of my former addresses and and said he was an old friend which is a lie. Is this legal?
  15. I am certian that they want me for the job and want me to start ASAP. The kicker is that they required me to sign the dreaded background check sheet so I am positive they will run the report. Does anyone think that they may over look the bad credit? It is all from cc's that have not been paid in months due to job loss.