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  1. I would go with a broker too, but I am biased too............... PS Thank you Charles! Mrsmo from Port Angeles
  2. I would wait until the SOL has expired before disputing or validating if it were me.
  3. We are looking at a fleetwood manufactured home. You guys rock, thanks for all you info.
  4. Are we talking even the new manufactured homes? The really nice ones, because I really have my heart set on one. I like the fact that everything is brand new (I love the old house I rent now, but sheesh, the upkeep is alot), and I can get everthing I want in a home for 75k. (and the ones I am looking at come with big screen tv's too).
  5. I really like how you went through 2 of them. I forget how things run on their always seems like there is on agent in charge of your account, but really it is whoever can get you to pay, huh? I hope you knew I was teasing ya about setting a bad example
  6. DH's child support was court ordered through the divorce proceedings, but there was never a judgement or was just trying to wrestle with the DCS that they were reporting incorrectly. Good luck to you!
  7. did she just say that she talked to the CA's on the phone? You are setting a very bad example young missy. Seriously, I hope they follow through...way to go!
  8. My TU is 666 and I was declined, darnit. I like shiny stuff.
  9. I can't imagine anything on the site that was illegal, so I don't understand why she had to remove the site. Don't like to see the bad guys winning.
  10. That is funny, I have a 666 TU score too. pretty creepy everytime I see the top page with the big '666' staring at me. I knew they were evil but....
  11. It was a good site, actually. She worked very hard to help people too.
  12. Well, thank you very much! That means alot--but I have alot to learn still! I just talk alot
  13. I got a paypal visa (through Providian) for 2k...I like paypal.
  14. Swede-Honey bunny also pm'ed me to tell me you were a b***h. Why I have no idea, but sheesh. Some people are so ungrateful. It is like they think you guys are customer service reps there to handle everything for them. He asked me questions this morning and I advised him to read as many posts as he could before he started-guess that wasn't good enough for him.
  15. I have had fairly good luck with debt validation. I was lucky and did not have to send anything to the cra's because they removed it very quickly themselves.