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  1. My Fiance and I have been debating on something for a while. I have a truck with a horrible interest rate, have tried refinancing.. stuff like that, no matter waht i was turned down. We want to let the bank have it. I know this will be on my record for a long time, and filing bankruptcy would be on my record for just as long or longer. The jist of the situation is this: If we get a new car, the loan being in HIS name (he has beautiful credit) but the car being in both of our names so i can insure it, can a LEIN for whatever i owe the truck loan be put on the new car? Will the loan company work with me on payments for whatevers left over after auction, Or will they just sue me? We are trying to figure this out before the end of the month.
  2. As of Right now my FIco with TU is 579. I am looking for a company to refinance my loan thru. My current rate is 17.5%. I have tried Eloan and Capitol One, and they both said that my score would have to be above 640. if i had a 640, i probably wouldnt have this horrible need to refinance. (grr.. i hate my stupidity) but anyways.. Any one know of a REPUTABLE place to talk to? Currently Household AUtomotive Finance has my loan.
  3. Just a thought but couldnt creditors do this just to keep it on your record and try make you pay it off?
  4. When given a payoff amount can i legally request a formal biling with that amount, showing that that would pay off all debts? Or do i have to pay it on th spot when they offer it?
  5. we already have a house we bought it 4 months ago.. but its in his name .. when we get married do we just go talk to the bank and say " i want her name on the title" ?
  6. I will prolly keep coming up with questions, but What is a "No doc Loan"
  7. oh, well thats good to know..
  8. Because i would like to have my name on our house title.
  9. THis is something i have thought about but not brought up with my fiance.. The reason is this, I am an excluded driver on his insurance (we live together) so i wouldnt be able to DRIVE my truck if we did that. After we are married that is definately an option i think. Plus we are getting ready to take out a loan to pay for our wedding. I guess my biggest worry is this, i would like to have good credit.. hell even ok credit.. But the stuff i have paid off STILL is on my credit report as bad debt or some other negetive statement. Whats teh point of paying it off if they wont change how it looks on my credit report?
  10. That would be the problem.. I dont know the pros and cons. I dont know hwo it will affect my credit. I dont know how long it will be on my report.. I dont know what happens when they repo it.. I dont know how much it affects my score. Would my SS# be attached when we added me as an authorized user?
  11. Well here's another question, looking at my fico stuff, its telling me that best scenario would be to get a credit card and conslidate the couple of minor balances.. The problem with that is, NO ONE WILL GIVE ME A CREDIT CARD!! I want good credit .. i do.. its frustrating Also what should I do about my truck?
  12. Ok, then how does being an authorized user help me? So if get my truck repoed, it WILL not effect his credit?
  13. What would a repo do to my score. The Payoff is 20+K, the loan is for 45K and six years.. the truck is only worth 13 because of depreciation (learned that lesson, will never buy new again)
  14. I have a truck that is just way overpriced, the payments on it are crazy, but when i got it, i desperately needed a car. Its a brand new car, so it has depreciated a lot. My question is this. I already have crappy credit. Would it be worth it to just have it repoed? Or should i just file for bankruptcy. There is no way for me to sell this truck and pay off the loan. I also have a nother question. I am getting married next year, and my fiance has PERFECT credit( I do mean perfect!).. and mine, well lets just say its lacking around the 550 range give or take a few points. How will my credit affect his creidt? Will it be a lot? or just a little? I understnad taht our credit will become one, but doesnt that mean my score could improve rather than drag his down?