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  1. Through my credit union with a 20% down payment I was able to get a mortgage with 7%. Two months out of BK7 that is. They are out there. The bigger down, the better.
  2. Absolutely do not ever give banking information over the telephone. No matter what they say. A few years ago I had NCO on the run with a recorded phone call. The debt was for just under $3,000 and there were two very clear violations of the FDCPA. I sent a settlement offer for $914 which if you subtract $2000 from the original debt was all that was left. They called me and said they would accept my terms if they secured payment immediately. I didn't budge and sent a money order to NCO with copies of the tapes of their phonecalls to me. As per the agreement they accepted payment and deleted. That was that. Do not fall for anything they try to tell you. Go to your nearest Radio Shack and buy a phone recorder and call them back and tell them you will ne sending payment of the agreed amount. Try to get them on a violation or two and then follow through. That's my advice. Many here would probably tell you under no circumstances talk on the phone.
  3. Having a bit of problems now. I keep reading at these boards and AOC if something is NOT included on the matrix than after dicharge we still owe the money. This is what I have gathered. I want to add something to our filing and our attorney says it isn't nessecary because once the discharge is completed ANY debts that existed at the time of filing are automatically gone. Is this true? Anyone have any experience with this?
  4. I just doublechecked. 14 years. Average balance is $10,000. Limit is $55,000. Said as long as I didn't get a card (I dont blame him....) he would be happy to add me to all of his cards. He monitors his reports monthly and his middle average is 820 with (I think he said) Equifax being 850. The man has never paid a bill late in his life. Where did I go wrong!!! ;P Oh yeah losing my job four years ago. That's where.
  5. I'd like to piggyback on this if you dont mind. Upon discharge my folks have agreed to put my wife and I as AU's on their American Express account. They've been cardholders for 14 years and never paid late. Their limit is $55,000 and they're only using $10,000 right now. Upon discharge can I expect to see a real help from this or do I need to go after the bad TL's first to make a real impact. My Pops FICO is 820. To me that's just freaking amazing.
  6. I'm no expert but what I would do is contact those two banks and ask for confirmation that you have never had an account with either. Then send that back to Providian, give them 30 days to delete, then sue.
  7. It just doesn't make sense to me. They would have gotten their money from us every month just like normal. Did they just assume they wouldn't ?? Now they are the ones that stuck eCast because our attorney has said paying them would provide nothing in the way of furthering our scores once we are discharged. Infact eCast may try to report it on our credit reports and if we paid it it would be reported as a paid charge off which would hurt us more. Just amazing. Started out with 300 dollar limits and worked our way up to 1800 dollar limits. Now nothing. Ah well.
  8. I'm just absolutely stunned. I had a perfect payment history with them and they just dump me in a flash. My wife's card is still active and we filed jointly. Guess it's a matter of time before she gets dropped as well??
  9. Wife and I live overseas workingt for the Government. FOund an attorney over the summer who would handle our bankruptcy which was filed 10/14. Said he could get our appearance waived based on where we lived. So far so good. Had a WTF moment last night. We both have Orchard Bank Credit Cards and have paid faithfully every month usually paying the balance in full. Excluded them from the matrix per the attorney's advice because we wanted to keep them. Went to pay on mine last night and was blocked from logging in. Called the company to find out the account was closed and sold to someone called eCast because of the bankruptcy. I said we wanted to keep my card and pointed out perfect payment history and it was no dice. The account was gone. My wife's however is still active. Huh? Anyone ever had this happen? A creditor whom you paid faithfully except they decide they just not want you anymore and dump you because of bankruptcy??
  10. StevePJC


    utnman sorry to jump in. I'm just curious about your credit repair journey. How many lawsuits have you had to file if any against CRA's and CA's. I'm an American civilian living overseas and am having quite a time without hiring a lawyer to go after my cause. Thanks
  11. That document doesn't look to be signed by a court official. Just the attorney. I won a lawsuit against a scumbag debt collector who signed a non-existing attorney's name to the letter. Mind you this was in Arizona but what I did learn is that subpoena's have to be obtained through a court. If that is a real attorney it LOOKS like he is trying to avoid taking it to a judge. Make 'em do it!
  12. I would "go get 'em" but I'm a civilian living on a US Air Force Base in Japan.
  13. Received a demand for payment from Financial Recovery Services on December 27th. Sent out a request for proof the same day. Received the green card back January 13th. Today I get a settlement offer from them for 70%. Laughable if you ask me considering this account is probably a part of my ID theft problems from 1997. Was them sending anything other than proof or a goodbye a violation?
  14. I'm not sure you are correct about Sherman NOT being a collection agency. Their parent corp Aegis (Something close to this) is listed with the ACA and complaints regarding Sherman can be filed through them which IMO would make them a collection agency. This is the info I have gathered thus far with my complaints through ACA regarding Asset Acceptance.