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  1. Kent, Well I have kinda did that already. When I 1st got my 1998 Honda Accord I was financed at 13.99%. When I moved to NB I refinanced with this other Credit Union at 4% along with the Frontier and with my credit scores at the time it was the best APR they could give me which was AWESOME. My problem here is that I put $3000 into this Villager which has 218,000 miles on it and its just sitting there. My gut feeling is that I should not have bought this truck and wasted the money I put into the Villager. I looked at CarMax and the amount they would give me for the 2000 Frontier was $6700 which is "bah" to me because I still owe $9300. Anyhoot have a good day KM
  2. CW do I know you? Sure seems kinda odd that you tell me to clean out my ashtray knowing what I have in KM
  3. CW....I changed my location to NB, forgot to update it. Anyhoot, I appreciate your comments on this matter of mine. It's not that I can't afford the payment but I have a 1994 Mercury Villager that I put $3,000 into last year just sitting here in my driveway. I was just very concerned how it would affect my credit rating as I have been chuggin the last 3 or 4 years trying to get the hell out of this credit **** hole I was in. Man it feels good to be making some progress on all this. KM
  4. Well I dont know if I will be upside down because at the time of purchase(Aug.24th) the vehicle was worth $11,250. I bought the vehicle for $10,000 tax title and all. KM
  5. I purchased a 2000 Nissan Frontier Crewcab 4 door on August 24th 2004. This being said I know now that I over extended my budget. Credit wise do I wait another couple of months to sale this vehicle to help my credit rating by making a couple of more monthly payments or can I go ahead and sale it now and payoff the loan that I have with my credit union? Which would be better for my credit if I am in the process of improving my credit? Thanks for any input here guys and gals. Kevin
  6. So in other words I should try and get all those TL's I have with B&F Finanace removed? I have atleast 10 TL's with them on all 3 credit reports. Thanks for any input. KMAC
  7. Wolf, I just moved from Austin to San Antonio last August and I am trying to clean up my credit report in order to buy a house here in SA. This being said, I have 4 student loans. 2 of which I paid off thru wage garnishment(paid collection with lates still on there) and the other 2 I consolidated in which I pay currently 43/mo. The 2 loans that I consolidated are still listed on my credit report as a negative mark with lates even tho I consolidated them. How should or better yet could I attack these negative Student Loans?? Thanks for any input. Kevin M. HOOK'EM HORNS!!!
  8. I have the same problem as B&F Finance has "unrated marks" on my credit report. I have about 10 TL's with them and they all say UNRATED. What to do? Kevin M.
  9. Thank you for your interest in FICO-Scored TransUnion Credit Profile. We regret we are unable to fulfill your order request because your credit report does not currently contain enough information to meet the minimum scoring criteria required to calculate a FICO® score. In order for a FICO score to be calculated, a report must contain: At least one account which has been open for six months or more. At least one account that has been updated in the past six months. No indication of deceased on the credit report. The minimum criteria is designed to ensure that there is enough recent information in the report on which to base a FICO score. If interested, you may obtain a copy of your TransUnion Credit Profile online (without FICO score) by clicking here, which will link you to TransUnion who will process your request. Note, your credit card has not been charged for this request. Note also that your credit report was accessed to provide this service, which will be reflected by a Fair Isaac inquiry that the credit bureau will post to your credit file. The Fair Isaac inquiry is labeled such that it will not affect your credit rating. ???????????? Kevin M.
  10. Thank you for your request. We regret that we are unable to fully authenticate your identity. For your protection, we will block your account from ordering the FICO-Scored Experian Credit Profile for 7 days. ?????????? Kevin M.
  11. I tried to pull all 3 credit reports from MYFICO for a friend and its comming back telling me that for Equifax and TU had "INVALID SCORE" and Experian the staus was "FAILED AUTHENTICATION". Any clue as what my next step would be here? Thanks for any input. Kevin M.
  12. Congrats RET....I would like to know also as I am going to try and purchase my 1st house around Late July, Early August....must feel good bro Kevin M.
  13. Do I just need to dispute as "never late" instead of "not mine" because I want to keep the tradeline. I heard a friend tell me that he disputed a tradline thru TU as "never late" and they deleted the tradeline all together and that NOT what I want. Thanks for any input. Kevin M.
  14. Okay I had 4 student loans with 2 different companies....2 loans I paid off thru Wage garnishment at work, which is now a paid collection with with many lates....updated 04/2001 opened 08/1995 closed 04/2001. The other 2 loans I consolidated after having financial problems which is in good standing now because I am able to pay the consolidation loan but the 2 other loans are now marked paid collection with many lates also. What do I do?? Kevin M.
  15. In this order: Updated Opened Closed Status Kevin M