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  1. Anyone have good or bad experience with HFC on a second or third mortgage? Thanks
  2. I have had a providian card for about 2 years, have never been late. credit limit is 6500.00 and my balance is 1450.00, I would like to get an increase, what is the best way?
  3. I sent a letter disputing an collection, with the green card for verification. It has been over 68 days since the company signed for it and I have not heard back. What should I do if any.
  4. My scores are low to mid 600. The only negative I have are two medical collection one for 150.00 and one 456.00 that I am disputing. My scores are low because(I think) I have high cc balances. I want to borrow 40k which would bring my ltv to 90%
  5. I have had a providian card for abiut 15 months. It came with a 3500 limit. I have always paid early and right now my balance is about 2200. I would like a credit increase, can I just call and ask?
  6. Does anyone know which credit bureau American Family Insurance pulls in general and specifically for a surety bond.
  7. I have two medical collections I would like to get removed. The ca's are not willing to delete for full payment. Would contacting th OC and tell them I will pay them in full if they have the ca remove the listing from my cr for innaccurate info. or something?
  8. Isn't experian in Texas? I think it is Allen,Tx.
  9. Does anyone have a mailing address for Experian for a dispute letter to go too. Thanks
  10. Does anyone have the number for tu to get a report mailed after you have been denied credit
  11. What do you mean by 45 days. For example it was added to my reprt in 12/05 should I wait to notify them about in February, would that eliminate their defense of 45 days
  12. Thanks, but who is in violation the ca or the cra, and who do I send the letter to. Also do you have the info in the fcra or the fdcpa where it states this, I can not find it.
  13. A ca has put a collection on my cr, without validating as I requested. They are also not noting that the debt is disputed, what can I do? Where to start?
  14. From what i have been understanding is that a copy of a computer generated bill did not suffice as dv. No I did not go, it is a chiropractor