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  1. I sent a letter disputing an collection, with the green card for verification. It has been over 68 days since the company signed for it and I have not heard back. What should I do if any.

  2. My scores are low to mid 600. The only negative I have are two medical collection one for 150.00 and one 456.00 that I am disputing. My scores are low because(I think) I have high cc balances. I want to borrow 40k which would bring my ltv to 90%

  3. What if you never signed anything, like medical treatment, because you were not there, and you dv the ca, they send you a printed copy of the charges, you write them back, and tell them that was not validation, they write back and say because of hippa laws they can not get my medical records, but say in the letter " When I sent you the letter showing ..... was our client, that prooves you were there" then it goes on to say they do not have time to respond to my letters, which is funny because I have only sent letters to them in response. Where to go now?

  4. I sent Ex a dispute of a collection account, saying it was not mine, and I had been the victim of credit fraud. A couple years ago someone stole my laptop, I never filed a police report, but a couple accounts were opened, I assume because I had alot of info on the laptop. Ex said to send a police report and they will delete the entry, are they stalling on the 30 day thing?

  5. A ca is trying to collect on a assumed debt. they sent me a letter after a couple dv's saying my medical records are private per " Hippa Laws", is this correct? Also if I make them an offer to settle this, will that make me admit it is mine, it is not, but I am to the point where I do not want it on my cra, and am tired of writing back and forth.

  6. I have a collection on my cr. It is from some medical place I never visited. My old doctor sent thing there to check for cancer. Anyway my insurance at the time did not pay it so they wanted me to pay it. Am I wrong to think since I did not order the work or know about it, that i should not be responsible?