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  1. they put it on after i dv'd them, about 16 months later, all they sent me was a printed itemization of charges, i sent them a letter saying that what they sent was not sufficient, and that was the last i heard until the put on my cr this month. no it does not show disputed
  2. I just checked my ex report, a ca has put an alledged debt on my cr without validating, all they did over a year ago was send me a printed copy of a bill, any ideas?
  3. eq sent me a letter saying they will not investigate an item that was investigated, I had sent them a procedural regeust letter, any ideas on what to do now?
  4. has anyone had luck faxing disputes to ex?
  5. would i send info to the ca or cra. should i dispute with cra?
  6. About one year ago I was dealing with a CA (AFNI Inc.). They never were able to Validate the debt, but they put it on my ex report recently, where should I start? Thanks
  7. eq claims to have verified an account, twice, what is the next type of letter to send (verbage)
  8. can you give me some verbage
  9. A year or so eauifax removed an account, then added it. I have sent them two letters disputing it, and one and a phone call, they keep sending "verified", any good letters someone have to send or approaches?
  10. Thanks, I am doing a va streamline thru them, the broker I am using said they shelve their va loans, if they sell to chase, are they ok, I am now with wells Fargo, I have not had any problems, I am lowring my rate by 1/2%, with no cost to me or any added to loan,
  11. Has anyone had any dealings with Waterfield Mortgage?
  12. I have had good luck faxing to TU and EQ, but not ex
  13. Has anyone had any luck faxing disputes with Experian
  14. i just applied at one of the instant approval, in a flash of an eye the site said i will receive a decision in 30 days, does that mean no, probably
  15. It is from truecredit, does that mean my score is higher or lower?
  16. It looks like chase does tu alot, how are they my tu is 660 w/ no derogs
  17. Is there a cc that pulls only tu, I live in oregon
  18. does anyone have a phone number to check the status of the citi pass, i do not want to apply again if i know the turned me down
  19. Where can I get the cheapest daily pulls now?