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  1. I just applied on line it came back and said..."further processing needed" has any one gotten that, and what were the results?
  2. I would like to get some furniture, any recomdations for companies that defer payments? eg 615 ex 657 tu 684
  3. I just signed up for pg for 2 months for $1.00 then like 12.00 a month, did I read something wrong, in refernce to the post of 34.95 a month for pg
  4. I want to apply for a heloc, my scores are eq 615 tu 677 ex 658, I have nothing negative except two late car payments, one 27& 31 months ago. I think my scores are lower because I have been using my credit cards to work on my house. Where should I try, is Country Wide reputable?
  5. Has anyone had any dealings with American Equity Mortgage?, or know anything about them.
  6. I had an account with cap 1. I had it deleted awhile back. eq has put it back on, when I challenge they say "verified". Of course I can not find the report where it shows deleted. What can I do?
  7. DO NOT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I signed up, it is a joke, they are very slow doing everything so the time passes as they charge you every month. I found this site after I had signed up. If you do your due diligence here, you can accomplish your goal. Everyone here is very helpful, and quite a few very intelligent members.
  8. I want to get a equity line on my home. My scores are mid 600's. Nothing negative for over 2.5 years. Any suggestions on who to go thru. Is e-loan or lending tree good. I do not want a bunch of inquiries for no reason.
  9. If a credit card payment is due on the 15th of the month and the cc payment is received on the 20th, is that cosidered 30 days late where the cc company would marh your credit report?
  10. Has anyone applied for this card? If so, what were your scores, and were you approved? Thanks
  11. Has anyone financed a HD and know what type of score you need
  12. Does anyone know how long you have to live in oklahoma to file bk. also the person moving there basicly was in debt to much, but decided to run all her cc to the max over a 5-6 period, then stop paying, will she have a problem filing
  13. Does anyone know if Bush signed the bk bill yet? and if so when.
  14. I recently received a letter from citi finincial saying I was pre approved for a loan for 5,000. I was wondering if anyone knows their guidlines for approving a loan. I do not want a hit on my cr for no reason. ex 643 eg 635 tu664 I recently closed on a home. Thanks
  15. I sent a letter very similiar to the one above, and the wollman letter and refernce to a case(can not think of now) and have not heard back from the ca
  16. Can a ca charge interest on a medical bill
  17. I just received a ca letter stating this case. They have not validated, claim this says they do not have too. what response should I do
  18. Where can I find them, I have been looking with no luck. Thanks
  19. bf9868539


    If a debt is accured in a state, then you move to another state, which state determines the Statue of Limitations
  20. In January 2004, I received a letter from a CA. I dv'd them they sent me a printed copy of medical bill, I sent anther letter, never heard from them until about a week ago, standard collection letter, so I dv'd again. They sent a letter with these points: Said they personally called doctors office, and no payment made. Made refernce to Anderson v. Canyon State says "verification of debt invovles nothing more than a debt collector confirming in writing that the amount being demanded is what the creditor is claiming owed" I have moved and are saying they are going to forward to an office in my
  21. I sent a letter to TU trying to remove inquiries. They sent back a letter saying contact the companies, is there another way I could try a have TU remove the inquiries.
  22. I closed on a VA loan this past September. From my experience I think it worked well. Here is what I learned: On a VA loan the lender only pulled EQ -As long as you have no open collections or judgements etc. and have had a good payment history for the last 12 months you qualify. I had a BK in 2002 and had got 5.38% mortgage rate, I really could not complain. It seems it was easier to qualify, since I did not have 20% down to do a 1st and 2nd or pay mortgage insurance. I felt the VA funding fee was acceptable as it, was cheaper than monthly mortgage insurance payments. Overall I think it is a
  23. On 2-22-5 a collection company did a hard pull on my credit, I have dealt with them in the past but do not have anything from them on my report. By law can they pull my creidt without authorization.