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  1. does anyone have experience with verizon, they sent it to collectsystem,which i think is owned by verizon
  2. Is there a minumum amount that an account has to be to report to the cra's, ie: 45.67 bill from verizon
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    Have they reported to the cra's. they are bothering me about a cell bill that i never had
  4. I dv'd a ca, they sent back a copy of phone bill, that is it. Does anyone have any examples of a second letter, or what I should say in a second letter Thanks
  5. Has anyone heard of Midland Credit Management? I received a letter from them in reguards to a cc i know I never had, First Consumers National Bank. It is not really a collection letter in the typical style. It basicly says "has your situation changed? do you have the ability to pay?" It says if I pay they will update the cra's to show "paid", but it is not on the cra's, any ideas
  6. I read somewhere here, but now can not find it, that on a va or fha loan you are suppose to get a statement 48 hrs before closing, with the actual numbers, not estimate. did i read that right, if I did what is it, i would like to be able to go thru it without people looking over my shoulder.
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    thanks for your input. the seller is paying them util property is transfered. is the tax escrow "law" as the broker made it sound like it is or can i negogiate the amount of months. again a va loan in oregon
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    the taxes for the up coming year are do nov. 15, that is why he says we need to escrow 14 mos. not that it is a huge difference, but would'nt it make sense at the most to escrow 9.5 months. in oregon you can pay the taxes in three installments without a penalty, how do you think the bank pays the taxes.
  9. does anyone know of them, they opperate in the northwest. any experiences with the company
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    I am doing a va loan in oregon. the property tax period is jult 1st til june 30th. I am closing sept. 14th. the loan officer says i need to escrow 14 months taxes(property) is that right, it seems like alot. also if i sign the good faith, does that lock me in to not be able to get out for not receiving acceptable financing. the good faith is high, and the lender said " do not worry" but i do.
  11. I have been approved for a mortgage(va) at 5.75 thanks to this board mostly, but i have a few questions about loan fees, this is what i am being charged: 1% origination appraisal 450.00 tax service 77.00 processing fee 350.00 underwriting fee 535.00 wire transfer 15.00 escrow 350.00 title insurance 450.00 escrow courrier 45.00 recording 150.00 hazard premium 398.00 (is'nt that paid monthly) What about these are they in line. Also does a mortgage broker "hold" rate ie: bank is charging less than they charge me and they get a cut. last, can i negotiate fees. My payment
  12. My scores were up to 650-671. I bought a truck in june, i had a balance on my trade. it was current at the time. Any way some how they are reorting today, current status 30 days late. I called ford credit and the cra's and are disputing, but it could take 30 days. Ford is sending me a letter stating it was current. my scores dropped to 600, 621 and 641. Should I apply for the loan, i found a house i really like or wait.
  13. Does anyone have an idea of scores needed for a mortgage. And basiclly any opinion, whic would be a better way to go VA or 80/20. Which is easier to qualify for?
  14. I am getting ready to apply for a mortgage, thanks to everyone here I have raised my scores from low to mid 500's to now 651,663, and 675. I want to apply at two different companies to see who has the best loan package. Should I do it the same day so one does not lower my scores for the next, i bought a new car a couple months ago, and when the loan hit the cra's all scores fell about 15 points. i know there is more to a home loan than scores, but how do these scores look. i am really nervous. Also i was able to get a chap 7 & 13 off my reports, but on exp and tu they both show one account
  15. That is about what I thought but it went down 12-18 on the three cra's. I
  16. I applied for and recieved a loan on a new auto, which was great, but all three of my scores dropped between 12 and 18 points. Does anyone know why and will they come back fast as long as I make my payments on time.
  17. go to " who pulled my credit" i do not know the exact address but search that phrase and you will find it
  18. How do I get a fraud alert off my credit, EQ, and if I apply for a loan for a car and the fraud alert is on the cr does it effect the decision?
  19. does anyone know what cra they look at and what their criteria is, ie: an account for muscians
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    can a ca charge interest on a utility bill they have
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    does anyone know how accurate the pg scores are since they went to the new formatt
  22. Try this it worked for me. First make sure the address you lived at is not on your reports, so get that off first. then dispute with : 1. Not mine, 2. if comes back verified, use: I never had a 0 liability bk as far as the one showing 1800 same: never had a bk with 1800 liabilty. Again make sure the adress is OFF your report before you dispute
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    any current discount codes
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    has anyone cancelled pg more than once, then signed up a third or fourth time? if you have do they give you a hard time, i mean i have been pulling daily, obviously using their service.
  25. I have been disputing regularly, right after each response from the cra's. each report only has a couple negatives left. I just got back updated reports. would there be any benefit to give it a break, or just keep on the cra's. also pg, how many times can you cancel and re-signup, and do they give you a hard time when you call to cancel, ie: I have been pulling everyday, so I have used their service.