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  1. Do not use them I tried them and it is a total WASTE! I have done more from the help of all the people here,
  2. the reason i asked, is the other day chap 13 and a collection came off eq, there is a fraud alert on that i did not request, but with those two coming off my score lowered.
  3. will having a fraud alert on you report lower the score?
  4. Just pulled on pg everything on eg gone. I want to thnk everyone here. My credit was pretty bad from a buisness failure. I could not see waiting 7 years. I was working on it myself, with some success. I came across this board last august and now my credit is well on the way. the last big hurdle was a chp7 & 13 eg kept verifying. To give you all an idea i had 132 derog. accounts it was a large buisness, and they all went on my report. 27 coll. 8-03 2-28 eg 508 687 tu 521 701 ex 516 675 Thanks, i am not done yet, but to all, IT IS POSSIBLE, to hav
  5. I disputed some items with eq. received letter from them today. 1st under where it says " we have reviewed....and our conclusions are;" it only addresses my correct address. I disputed four items and there is no response in that section addressing them. but through the report under the items i disputed it says " Consumer disputes-reinvestigation in process;". are they done, the thirty days that they signed for my letter is 3-2-04. Also there is a fraud alert on my report, I have never put one on. What should i do now? Thanks
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    Has anyone heard of or dealt with AFNI, a ca, out of bloomington,illinois
  7. can someone please point me to reference that says a buisness debt ie:corporate, can not report on consumer report, i had found somewhere here a fdcpa opinion letter on the issue, but have lost, any help would be great. thanks
  8. ok, but will they be able to still try and collect, ie: reort to cra's, sue etc.
  9. I have been looking thru the forum, but can not seem to verify, what happens when you send a ca a cease and decist letter, i mean, what are they SUPPOSE to do?
  10. what would a cease and decist do, does it stop all collection activity, they never have been able to validate, i am worried they will report to the cra's
  11. a pathology lab, i went to the doctor, unknown to me he sent something to lab, i was told from his office what i was going in for was covered under my ten dollar co-pay, or else at the time i would not have made the appt., two years later(i moved) i get a letter from a ca for over 800.00, granted they(lab) may have done something, but i feel this is wrong of the doctor, i feel in a sense i was sold something i did not know about, and now someone wants to be paid.
  12. I live close to the border in the state i live. a ca is trying to collect on a alledged bill from a state i use to live in. they are liscensed to collect in my state, but not the bordering state. so i was thinking, i have a friend who lives in the other state, next letter i send back i use his address on letter head and return envelope, do not mention i know they can not collect in this state, and wait for a letter to come back, then send them a letter asking to verify if they are liscensed to collect in the other state?
  13. not having dealt with courts at all, so this may seem dumb, but can a ca walk in and obtain a judgement on a person without the person being aware of this action until there is a judgement, or does the person have to be notified they are being sued
  14. what would putting a fraud alert do
  15. yes i was an officer, the name of the corp. was my (full name). inc. the account was closed, the ca i am dealing with contacted me over two years ago about this i basicly told them to buzz off. with this lag of time, does anyone think they will report to a cra they have not yet. also since these were buisness checks, would that fall under the law that it can not go on my consumer report.
  16. correct i was not personally responsible, which is the idea of a corp. whether right or wrong
  17. thanks, was your check for a large amount these are several 20.00 and 30.00 dollar checks.
  18. is there anyway to dispute bad checks, first my ex wrote them on a closed buisness(corporation) account after we were divorced, there are no drivers liscense #s on any of them. does anyone know what the sol is on this in idaho. also since they were written from a corpoation, my ss# was not involved, can they report on my consumer report, legally?
  19. My scores: eq 618 ex 645 tu 650 how score driven are mortgage loans, i want to buy a house late summer, hopefully my scores will be better, but if their not would i qaulify for a decent rate?
  20. after dv a ca, they sent me a computerized statement, i followed back saying this was not proof. thay sent me a letter saying they will not contact me anymore unless to respond to my request. my question is does this mean their done, origanally they said they would report to all 3 cra's after 1-31-03, as of 2-12 they are not showing that they reported. can they file a law suit now, also i live in a different state than where the alledged debt is from, does that matter if they file a lawsuit.
  21. I had a bk in 2000. One of the credit cards I had(in bk) has been reporting as "bad debt" i disputed , now their reporting as "charged off" with a charge off date as 12-03, which makes it look like it was charged off after the bk. How can i correct this?
  22. it is a cell phone bill, yes and no. it was opened under a corporation i was involved with, never used my ss#, but a ein#
  23. I have no documentation, that I can think of, what is a type of documentation, and what if you still have none