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  1. tu sent me a letter saying they will not investigate, already said they verified item, calling it frivolous. how do i respond now to try and remove?
  2. I sent disputes to the 3 cra's. ex signed for one on 1-31-04, the report i got back from them is dated 2-2. tu signed 1-31 the report from them is dated 2-4. there is no explanation of any thing on either one of the reports Are these the answers to my disputes? or did they send a copy for some reason, any ideas on what to do?
  3. I received a letter back from a ca that has not been able to completely validate, In the letter there is this "account is rooted in express or implied contract of the principle and quantum meruit" what does that mean, it also says " we will cease all communication , unless to respond to any correspondence from you" does this mean their done, will they report to the cra's?
  4. A ca was not able to validate. I received a letter from the ca saying "account with us(ca) has been resolved" .."notification has been sent to the cra to delete the account" now eq shows the same account with the account # from the cra, but has the oc name, under a collection, does anyone know best way to dispute now for removal. THANKS to all who have taken their time to pass knowledge on to me!
  5. I thought a ca could not report to the cra's if the alledged debt had not been verified(validated), any sections of the fcra or fdcpa i can refer too.
  6. any suggestions on how to add back good accounts, some still show on some reports but not the other one or two, or should i really worry about, i want to apply for a mortgage in august and they look at all 3 anyway
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    A ca was not able to dv a collection, today i pull my report and ca's name has been replaced with the oc name, what does this fall under, reinsertion?
  8. I sent letters to the cra's, each one containing two or three disputes, but there are more items i want to dipute, should i wait for those to come back, then dispute the other items, or do it now, i did not want to dispute to many at one time, as it might look frivolous.
  9. Thanks, but i canot find anything that says they must provide an agreement between the ca and oc or anything about a signature, they sent me a coputerized statement that shows it was denied by insurance, thanks for the help
  10. will someone tell me where i can read about dv requirements of a ca, all i can find, like on the ftc site, that thaey must provide proof of debt ie: a copy of the bill, i can not seem to find anything that says they must do anything else.
  11. From what I have read, everyone says not to communicate with ca's on the phone. I dv them, all they sent me was a computer generated bill(medical), i sent them another letter saying this info. would not suffice. They sent me a letter saying "maybe there is something we do not understand or maybe there is something you do not understand reguarding this bill" .... "Would you please take the trouble to call us and let us know". There is part of me that is very curious to call, any suggestions, i want to avoid them reporting to the cra's.
  12. I dv a ca on a medical bill, asked for agreement with client, something with my signature, denied ins. claims, all they sent me was a itemized billing from the clinic, with a note it will be reporte to cra's on 1-31-04, what should I do now, I really do not want it on my credit, but I also am not responsible for it.
  13. Does the theory of bumping only work on inq. or tradelines also, I have several tradelines that are good, but older and do not want to loose them.
  14. I certified mail a dv well with in the 30 day period they said I had to object to the bill, never heard from them, but it is now on my credit report, what can I do?
  15. Does anyone know if there is a time period after utility bill is due that they have to wait to turn into collections?
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    EQ ?

    EQ sent me a letter asking me to send proof of residency( I have not moved) and to re-send my dispute. Is this legitimate or stall, and do I need to send the dispute again, actually I sent a couple recently and not sure which one they mean.
  17. I have a collection from wakefield and assc. in colorado. over 2 months ago i sent a dv. i talked to them today( i called), they said they sent a request from my letter to the oc, but have not heard back. they said if they do not hear back i can and disputed on my cr but they will not remove, this is not correct is it, what should i do now.
  18. Has anyone ever heard of action collection, their address to mail money to is in idaho, but the return adress is in california, i live in oregon, have not been able to find if they are liscensed here or not, any help would be appreciated.
  19. pvn814 worked on 1-3-04 for a discount on
  20. Equifax seems not to be responding to my letters. How can I get them to respond. Have I been bothering to the point where they will not respond?
  21. Would someone please explain dv or link me to some info on it.I am having a hard time determining how to go forward with the process. Thanks
  22. An account was turned over to collections for a doctor bill that is two years old. I called the oc today because this was the first letter i had received, the letter was dated 12-22-03 and said would be turned over in ten days wich would have been the 2nd, but they had already sent it. I think this bill should have been paid by my insurance agency. any ideas on how to have ca proove i owe it and how can i verify if they can collect in another state, bill from idaho i live in oregon now. main objective is to keep it off my credit report. thanks
  23. Any suggestions? I recieved a letter from a medical clinic, I did have some work done, but I was under the impression my insurance would cover it. It was about two years ago, since I have moved out of state, have a different job, different insurance, this is the first letter I have received and it says they will turn it over to collection in ten days.
  24. Do not use them! I tried them and they did nothing, plus they charge you 35 a month, they make it sound like you get results every month, but my fiirst return was 118 days from when they deducted my account. Stay here I have gotten 2 bks off tu and ex and should have them off eq this round. started here with a tu of 518 and am now 723.