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  1. On this site, after you pull your free report, it says no more free for 90 days, but if you pay the 5 dollars can you pull unlimited reports,if not how?
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    Is there a company like PG that uses TU and you can pull often without being charged?
  3. It is from the oc, do you have an example (letter) of a dv
  4. What type of item would be proof, I probably do not have proof, as it is an accurate item I am trying to get removed. Thanks for replying.
  5. What is the next plan, when the CRA sends back a letter and next to the diputed item reads"Already Verified", or something to that meaning? Thanks
  6. I have learned alot the last few days, Thanks. I can not seem to find any info on getting inq. off TU they keep sending me letters back saying NO!
  7. I had a bk but have gotten it off ex, still working on eq & tu. I have 3 30days on open auto, 2 open student loans which are current but say "was 180" which is from about 2 years ago there are five recent inq. from when I applied for a mortgage, but I have several good auto loans that are closed, that is it
  8. Does anyone who know what Visa,MC etc. check only experian, as it is my best 585 or 602 score depending wich pull I am looking at. Thanks
  9. Since so much of these terms are new too me and very interesting.First what is bumping or bumpage, and how are you guys pulling your credit so much(if that is a "pull"), witout paying for it or are you? Thanks
  10. Please let me know if anyone has been able to further along their own cleanup using a repair company, any real infoe on lexington law firm. Thanks
  11. Some how several auto loans with a perfect payment history were deleted from eq any suggestions as to how I can have them added back to my report. Thanks
  12. What is known about this company. I have been working on my credit on and off for about 18 mos with quite a bit of success. It seems as I have hit a brick wall with the CRA's, and am thinking about giving Lexington a try, any advice? Thanks