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  1. DH and I filed BK in 10/2001. It was discharged in 01/2002. We had included the house in BK. The mortgage company obtained relief from the automatic stay and the foreclosure was final in 04/2003. The house was subsequently sold at a public auction 09/2003. At the beginning of October, the mortgage TL showed ONLY 90 days past due (with no mention of IIB). Towards the end of October it was updated to show Foreclosure Redeemed/90 days past due (still no mention of IIB). I disputed the mortgage TL with TU as "not mine." NOW, they verified, and it is showing....Foreclosure Redeemed/120 days past due/Balance owed $36,534. Argh. I'm worse off now than I was before. So far, since the beginning of October, my TU FAKO has dropped close to 100 pts. Any ideas on what to do next? The reporting has been incorrect on TU all along. And, now they are saying I owe them over $36,000. Lisa
  2. Nope, I didn't complain to SSA, and I didn't request it. I am in TU's "priority department" and they did it because I stated a name on my report was not mine. They had previously deleted it and it was reinserted. When I spoke to my contact person, they said they would have to run a trace with the SSA, and went ahead and did so. Lisa
  3. Does anyone know if a CRA is allowed to do a "social security trace" with the Social Security Administration to see if your social security number has ever been associated with another name? Either way, do you have any law that states that this is allowed or not? Thanks!!! Lisa
  4. Just tell them you've never lived there. If you tell them you have, at any time, they won't delete. If the person you get won't do it, hang up and call back until you get someone that will. Some are nicer than others! And, thanks for the info about discussing my DH's report with them. We haven't really had any problems taking care of anything of his by letter, so I haven't really needed to call yet, but I'm sure that day will come. Lisa
  5. I have no idea how long they keep info, but if it is just your addresses you are disputing with EX, I found that calling them seemed to work the best. Well, actually, I got lucky and got most of mine and DH's removed by writing, but it took two tries that way, plus a phone call to get the last one of mine off. So, just call them, tell them you've never lived at or known anyone at that address, and go down the list for all the ones you want deleted. They deleted mine immediately when I called. As I said, though, I got rid of all of DH's by writing cuz I wasn't sure if they would talk to me about his credit report, and he didn't want to be the one to call. Lisa
  6. Thank you! I didn't think that the AR inquiries really mattered, but wasn't sure. Especially since the one is for an account I don't have. So, since I have 8-9 TLs to dispute per credit report, dispute half of them the first month, then the other ones the second month...AFTER I receive the information back from the first dispute, correct? And, since none of the accounts are from CA's will I need to write letters to the creditors for any reason? I know that OCs aren't required to verify information, so is there any reason to write them? Thanks again! Lisa
  7. Hi everyone! I've been reading the boards for a few weeks and trying to learn everything. I think I'm to the point to start preparing to dispute some TL. So far I have gotten copies of all 3 CR, and I have sent letters to all 3 CRA to remove old names and addresses. Those were just sent last week, so I haven't seen any updates as of yet. But, I want to start preparing for my next action. First, a little background. I am working on cleaning up both mine and DH's CR's. We filed BK 10/01. It was discharged 01/02. TU is showing the Foreclosure for our house, that was IIB, on their reports. EX and EQ are NOT showing this. All 3 are reporting the BK. DH has a few charge off accounts that are still showing on his CRs as charge offs, but not IIB, even though they were. The only other accounts he has listed are for our mortgage that was IIB and a Sears account that he was only an AU on from my account. Should I dispute these as "not mine" also? The mortgage account is being reported differntly on all 3 reports. TU does not show it as IIB, only as past due. EX shows it as IIB/Past Due. And EQ says "Included in BK of Another Person". For my reports, the only negative things I have are all the IIB accounts, the BK itself, and the Foreclosure, showing only on TU. The mortgage account is reporting exactly the same as DH on all 3 reports. I have a total of 9 credit card accounts showing IIB. Should I dispute all of these at once as "not mine" or space them out over a few months? As far as the BK and Foreclosure, should I wait to start disputing these until all the TL are cleaned up? They both have inaccuracies in all of our reports. And, finally, in regards to inquiries, I have some AR showing up under the "soft" ones that I am not sure what to do about. The first one is for the bank that holds the loan for my car. It was reaffirmed in the BK, but they are doing AR every 3 months since the BK on EQ only. Are they allowed to do this? Or is it a violation? There is also an AR from someone named "RFC" that I have no account with on my EQ report that has been pulling reports every few months since the BK also. I have no idea who they are. On my TU report, both Discover and the mortgage company had "soft" inquiries after the filing date of the BK. Is this ok? They stopped after the discharge. Thank you everyone for any help you can give me! Lisa
  8. Does anyone know if Capital One reports AU's to CRA's? Thanks! Lisa
  9. Thanks for the info. I know that BKs are hard to remove, that's why I wasn't sure how to go about doing that. Any ideas on what I should do with the accounts on DH's CR that aren't showing IIB? Should they be disputed as "not mine" first? Thanks!
  10. Hi everyone. I'm new here and just starting the process of cleaning up both mine and DH's credit reports. So far, I have obtained copies of my credit report from all 3 CRA, and one for DH. Still waiting on the other 2. I have sent my letters to dispute old names and addresses for all of mine and the one I have for DH earlier this week. How long should I wait before starting to dispute items on my credit report now? And, what's the best way to go about starting this? I've been reading the boards and trying to get info. Also, DH and I filed a joint BK in 2001. It was discharged in 01/2002. What is the best way to go about getting this removed from our credit reports? Should I dispute the BK itself first, or dispute with all the creditors first? Should I wait awhile to start this process? DH has 2 accounts showing on his credit report that were actually included in the BK, but that do not show up that way on the credit report. Should I dispute these as "not mine" first? Thanks in advance! Lisa
  11. How long should old accounts be showing on our credit report? Does anyone have a form letter for getting old accounts removed after this time? Thank you!
  12. The house was included in the BK. It was funded through Homecoming Financial. The previous funding for it, prior to refinancing, was through Bank One. Bank One is the one who filed for the foreclosure. The foreclosure proceedings weren't started until 3 months after the BK was finalized.
  13. How would I go about getting the foreclosure removed from my credit report? It was actually filed by a bank that we previously had our mortgage with, and they were paid off when we refinanced with the bank we filed BK against. TU is the only CRA reporting this on their records, also. Thanks again!
  14. DH and I filed BK in 2001, and it was finalized 01/2002. We included our house in the filing. How should this be reporting on our credit reports? We had a judgement filed against us in 09/2002 to foreclose, although it was included in the BK. This is showing on only one of the credit reports. Should I dispute this, or is this correct? Also, how should all other accounts included in the BK be showing on our credit reports? Thank you for any help you can give!