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  1. Its not clear who will grant you credit based on this, but... https://www.nbcnews.com/business/consumer/new-fico-score-will-help-more-people-get-access-credit-n923291
  2. willingtocope

    Help me with MidLand?

    midland has their own web site...and an email server to go along with it. Its unlikely that they'd use a gmail account to contact you.
  3. Okay, this is different. It looks like Chase has already taken you to court and obtained a judgement against you. Cops do serve "Writs of Execution" and they do get paid for doing so. I think you need to find a lawyer. Bankruptcy looks like your best option.
  4. Police officers DO NOT collect for credit card companies. If the guy that came to your door identified himself as a cop, call your local police and report him and his phone number for impersonating an officer. This was probably an overly aggressive collection agent. Send him a debt validation letter ASAP.
  5. Okay, enough. smc1 … your original questions were answered and the advice you've been given is correct. If your only income is social security and you've talked to Midland's lawyer, then in all likely hood your case will be dismissed. But, if the debt is legitimate, it probably won't be removed from your credit reports. It is unlikely that Midland will resell it...but...you do need to keep watch. You have no grounds for forcing Midland to do anything.
  6. willingtocope

    Cancellation of debt and 1099-c from the IRS

    Some debts "pass through" a BK...which means they're not discharged and you still owe them. It used to be that if you continued to make payments, it was understood that the debt passed thru. The laws changed around 2004-2006. I still suggest you talk to a lawyer. This specific case could be complicated.
  7. willingtocope

    Cancellation of debt and 1099-c from the IRS

    IIB = included in bankruptcy. If he filed BK, and listed trailer in the paperwork, he doesn't owe taxes. See a lawyer.
  8. willingtocope

    Cancellation of debt and 1099-c from the IRS

    If the mobile home was IIB and you didn't reaffirm it, you don't owe taxes on it. Talk to your BK lawyer for the proper forms to give the IRS.
  9. willingtocope

    Cancellation of debt and 1099-c from the IRS

    Was the car included in the bankruptcy? Did you "reaffirm" the debt and continue to make payments?
  10. willingtocope

    Do I have to list ALL creditors for BK7?

    Technically, even creditors you don't list will be included in the BK. There's no reason not to list them all. Also, CCs routinely check your credit records...if they see IIB on other accounts, they will close theirs.
  11. $186? Pay it. People who are going to lend you serious money...credit cards, auto loans, mortgages...won't hold a cable or phone bill against you. They're well aware that the accounting practices of these companies are suspicious.
  12. willingtocope

    I Have a Credit Restoration Business- Now What?

    You can dispute anything you want. Will it work? Probably not.
  13. willingtocope

    Bankruptcy over fraud?

    First...be completely honest with your BK lawyer. Ask his advice regarding the possible fraud. I say that, because in some states, if you're married, all assets of the household must be considered. The fact that your father owns the house you're living in might also be a problem. There is a "means test" that determines whether you qualify for a BK 7, and all of these things may need to be considered. Ask your lawyer...you might even talk to a couple until you find one you're comfortable working with.