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  1. DV = debt validation Look in the "PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING" forum...most of the abbreviations are explained ther.
  2. "Reassigned" is one of those "weasel" words the credit industry uses. It can mean sold but normally it means the current owner just contracted with another collector to hassle you. Who was the original creditor?
  3. As far as I know, there is no limit. FL may have a law, but I doubt it.
  4. There are a bazillion different credit scoring algorithms. The score consumers are allowed to see is the "sucker score". It predicts whether or not a lender will make money off you by charging late fees and interest. Don't sweat it. You did the right thing. Monitor your reports for inaccurate info. Ignore the scores.
  5. myfico is directed towards the sucker score. As long as you only have one zero balance credit card, it won't hurt your mortgage score.
  6. There are many different FICO scoring algorithms. The one consumers see is the "sucker" score. It predicts if you will use credit cards and pay interest and occasional late fees. The mortgage broker gets a different model. And, yes, "mortgage shopping" (i.e., multiple inquiries in a short time frame) does lower your mortgage scores.
  7. New credit will help you get new credit cards. Doesn't help so much with a mortgage. The scores that CRA's report to the consumer are "sucker" scores.
  8. You est approach would be to contact the negatives. Try to negotiate a "pay for delete". Even if they won't deal, pay them off. Wait. In 6 months or so, your scores will climb. Don't take out new credit.
  9. I would ignore them. Keep monitoring your reports. If the TL shows up changed, then maybe contact them...but, if its paid in full, i wouldn't worry about it.
  10. In general, if you're not the one responsible for paying the bill, you're probably not going to get a boost in your credit score. On the other hand, if the fine print in your credit card agreement says "if the primary holder doesn't pay the bill, you will"...you might have another problem. How financially secure is your employer? You say these are cash cards? Again, in general, cash cards are not reported as normal credit cards...you can't use them to charge stuff if there's no money in the account. Bottom line...these are probably not going to help your scores even if they do get reported.
  11. Also, by giving employees access to this account, you've taken it from a "personal" account to a "business" account. Business accounts are not covered by most of the regulations we discuss. You've kind of wandered into the gotcha arena...if you do try to claim its personal, Crap 1 is going to pursue the fraud angle because you have multiple authorized users who are probably not related to you.
  12. Gee...Kelvin's email address is 4ficorepair @ gmail ...I'm gonna guess he might be the "ethical hacker" in question. Also, while a white hat hacker MIGHT be able to get thru to one of the credit reporting sites, it unlikely he could break into all of them.
  13. Look at https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p1779.pdf ... its probably not a yes or no question.
  14. "Compose New" then the button that says "source" gives you the paper clip.
  15. The minimum wage/paid-by-the-hour clerk that will enter your disputes into their computer system has a quota. They have to deal with X number of letters per hour. Which means, they only have a limited time to give each letter. When that time is up...they move on to the next. 12 disputes in one letter means they'll probably only do the first 3 or 4 and then move on. On the other hand, if they receive 12 different letters at the same time from what they see as the same person...they might ignore some of them. Bottom line...its a crap shoot. Dispute online if you can.
  16. There is no web site with that url...so, assume its a scam.
  17. midland has their own web site...and an email server to go along with it. Its unlikely that they'd use a gmail account to contact you.
  18. Okay, this is different. It looks like Chase has already taken you to court and obtained a judgement against you. Cops do serve "Writs of Execution" and they do get paid for doing so. I think you need to find a lawyer. Bankruptcy looks like your best option.
  19. Police officers DO NOT collect for credit card companies. If the guy that came to your door identified himself as a cop, call your local police and report him and his phone number for impersonating an officer. This was probably an overly aggressive collection agent. Send him a debt validation letter ASAP.
  20. Okay, enough. smc1 … your original questions were answered and the advice you've been given is correct. If your only income is social security and you've talked to Midland's lawyer, then in all likely hood your case will be dismissed. But, if the debt is legitimate, it probably won't be removed from your credit reports. It is unlikely that Midland will resell it...but...you do need to keep watch. You have no grounds for forcing Midland to do anything.
  21. Some debts "pass through" a BK...which means they're not discharged and you still owe them. It used to be that if you continued to make payments, it was understood that the debt passed thru. The laws changed around 2004-2006. I still suggest you talk to a lawyer. This specific case could be complicated.
  22. IIB = included in bankruptcy. If he filed BK, and listed trailer in the paperwork, he doesn't owe taxes. See a lawyer.
  23. If the mobile home was IIB and you didn't reaffirm it, you don't owe taxes on it. Talk to your BK lawyer for the proper forms to give the IRS.
  24. Was the car included in the bankruptcy? Did you "reaffirm" the debt and continue to make payments?
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