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  1. Technically, even creditors you don't list will be included in the BK. There's no reason not to list them all. Also, CCs routinely check your credit records...if they see IIB on other accounts, they will close theirs.
  2. $186? Pay it. People who are going to lend you serious money...credit cards, auto loans, mortgages...won't hold a cable or phone bill against you. They're well aware that the accounting practices of these companies are suspicious.
  3. First...be completely honest with your BK lawyer. Ask his advice regarding the possible fraud. I say that, because in some states, if you're married, all assets of the household must be considered. The fact that your father owns the house you're living in might also be a problem. There is a "means test" that determines whether you qualify for a BK 7, and all of these things may need to be considered. Ask your lawyer...you might even talk to a couple until you find one you're comfortable working with.
  4. Pay off the ones with the highest interest rates. Cut up those cards. Your credit scores are so screwed up with $66k in unsecured debt that the "below 30%" trick is useless. Stop paying interest.
  5. Okay folks...enough. You are allowed to have differing opinions and carry on a lively debate. However, when the debate reaches a point of diminishing returns, its time to stop. Move on...
  6. We've notified our tech support people. Hopefully, they'll have things sorted out "real soon now"...
  7. @Anon Amos it isn't our intent to "run lawyers off this web site". We do, however, point to our readers that there are some people who claim to be lawyers that aren't. We try to point out the dangers involved in dealing with "debt fixers" and anyone else who claims to have a sure fire easy fix zip zop make it go away solution to a debt problem. One of the ways we have found that provides some measure of protection for our members is to suggest that all advice be provided in open forum so that others can both benefit from and verify its accuracy. And, @JamesHeston please note...if you are indeed a lawyer and are willing to provide advice...on line...in open forum...you are more than welcome here.
  8. NOTE: We have had many posters who claim to be lawyers...or who claim to have a magic formula for making debts go away. BEWARE. If a user is not willing to post their opinions in open forum, there's a good chance they have something to hide.
  9. @Coffee_before_tea ... enough. Improve your attitude or be gone.
  10. I could be wrong, but, I don't know of any law that REQUIRES a lender to report to the CRAs. The FCRA only says if they do report, it must be accurate.
  11. @TC6558 Warning! In general, we take a dim view of "lawyers" soliciting business on the forum. But, use your own judgement as to whether to contact this person. We would prefer he post his advice in open forum.
  12. If you still owed them money when they "fell off", they probably haven't forgotten. Look elsewhere for a card .
  13. Did you pay HSBC directly, or some collector? Do you have the settlement agreement in writing? Does it say "Paid in full" or "Settled for less than the full amount"?
  14. I agree that "debt fixers" are scams...but...the debt validation process is important. If you receive a collection notice from a collection agency, by all means respond with a debt validation letter. Doesn't need to be fancy...and shouldn't be a copy of something you download off the internet. As simple as "I request validation of this debt" with a copy of their letter sent CMRRR is sufficient.
  15. Hard to tell. The BK will fall off your reports in 2018, but AMEX does keep their own records. You could try, but there really isn't anything magic about AMEX. Look for other cards.
  16. Its a scam. CRAs are aware of these types of "line of credit" operations and ignore them. You might also wind up getting your identity stolen. Run away.
  17. Hard to tell. In general, if its not in writing...it didn't happen. You could hold out for a "pay for delete" letter, but, as long as their tradeline is marked "paid", it won't hurt your credit scores.
  18. The "credit score" game is a sucker's bet. The score we're allowed to see is closest to the FICO bank card score...the score that credit card companies use to determine who that will make money on. That's why it has a "utilization" component...you use their cards and they make money charging the seller for accepting their card and charging you for interest and fees. if you want more credit cards, play their game. If you want a mortgage, keep 1 high limit card open and paid off.
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