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  1. It shouldn't effect your score as they are considered soft pulls. Hard inquiries hurt your score.
  2. Just a thought, are these student loans high interest? Can you consolidate them down to this years rate (2-3%) That would help a lot I bet.
  3. About 8 months ago I DV'd a medical bill collection because I was told my insurance paid it. Today I received a Debt Verification (1 pager) stating that I owe $3XX.XX and the standard warning that this info was from a Debt Collector. This bill is from Date of Service 01-98. It was a hospital in AZ, and I now live in KY. Do I assume I need to add 180 days from this and 7 years to get my drop off date? So it should drop off my report approximately 07-05? Since I don't need to run my credit for any purpose until at least that date should I just send them an out of SOL C&D?
  4. It's okay! My dad uses those too and even though I've not had a CA call me for about 4 years now, I still *FREAK* out a little bit. And why do they have those weird numbers on the caller id?
  5. From www.yellowpages.com and then Reverse Lookup We did not find a listing for the phone number you entered. The phone number "(321) 591-8595" is a Cocoa, FL based phone number and the registered carrier is Sprint Spectrum L.P. Additional information for this number is not available. Please read our Search Tips below for more information.
  6. I think each place has its own minimum. We are going through National City and I didn't think we'd have a chance in heck with our scores going through an actual bank. But we are approved.
  7. I can't answer the BK question but I cant ell you the Chevron card only works at Chevron. I've researched this and called personally and they don't have any "sister stations" Good luck.
  8. We are doing this right now and I thought the same thing (more lenient on old credit items) We have to pay $1200 in old charge off and med bill from 1998. Any foreclosure must be older than 2 years and I think they said it has to be paid. Scores should be 580 and above (is what my loan officer told me) The down payment is 0 and closing costs are pretty good. We will close on a $210K home for about $3800. Good luck.
  9. It took me almost a year but I finally got my Cap One to report as Paid as Agreed (they removed my two late pays from 2002) 2 Goodwill letters and 4 disputes to the CRA's. This last one must have done the trick!
  10. be careful on the 0% interest thing, I was reading the small print on the commercial and it said NEW ACCOUNTS ONLY. Not saying you aren't correct-just saying be careful! 8)
  11. Do you have equity in your home? A lot of people say not to take out secured debt to pay off unsecured debt, but I think everyone's situation is unique. You sound like you are on the edge and last year my DH and I were too. I took out a 10K loan against my house paid off the debt and turned $6-700 monthly payments into $209 payments. It worked for me...that doesn't mean it will work for you though. I'd stay away from those Credit counseling places, that's the overwhelming opinion here and other forums. It doesn't even sound like they did you that big of a favor...only saving you a hundred or so dollars a month on that large of an amount... Good luck.
  12. Did you buy down your rate to be 4.5%? We are going VA right now and being quoted 5.65%
  13. This company has been paid by the insurance company (I think, can't find EOB) Even so, the SOL for this type of account is 5 years in kentucky (I think I've got that right!) How does this letter sound? Please note date of account was 03-15-1999 and that is exactly 5 years from Monday! __________________________________________________________ RE: Account XXXXXXX in the amount of $XXX.XX (Open account from March 15th, 1999) Notice to Cease Communications To whom it may concern, This is to advise you that pursuant to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (“FDCPA”) 15 USC §1692c©, you are hereby notified to immediately terminate any contact with me, or any members of my family or household, regarding any matter concerning the collection of a debt you allege is owed to your company or to your principal/customer/client, the original creditor noted above. This notice shall include, but is not limited to written correspondence, as well as telephonic communication. You are advised that: ____ I refuse to pay this debt because: ____ The debt is legally unenforceable due to expired statute of limitations ____ Humana has already paid the debt and as such it is not mine ____ Please also be advised that you may not contact me at my place of employment because my employer prohibits me from receiving such communications. ___ I simply wish you to cease all communication (mail, phone calls or other) with me or any member of my household. This includes my place of employment. I do not admit or deny liability on the debt. I just want you to stop contacting me. ____Also please note: If this item shows up on my credit reports, you will be in direct violation of the FDCPA because it is a legally unenforceable debt I intend to keep a log of any contacts you make with me after today. I am aware that further communications by you will make you liable for sums up to $1000, plus actual damages and counsel fees. You may contact me ONLY to tell me that you are ceasing communications. I assure you I take my rights very seriously. I will contact my attorney the moment you step outside the law. Sincerely, Almostthere2
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