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  1. If your an authorized user, will your credit report show this credit card account.
  2. I saw a letter somewhere on here , that is for removing an authorized user from the account. Can someone explain the difference of an authorized user , in this situation. I was put on the CC account when I was going to college, at that time, I had no credit , no job, or money, yet.
  3. Why not try disputing the account with the CRA. You might be able to take advantage of CHOD, that everyone else seems to be using at this time. I would forget about using a CRap 1 CC. Try getting one at a credit union, the rates and service is a whole lot better. At least your a member and not just another nameless customer. Try the dispute with the CRA as not yours or something, hey they have 30 days to verify it or else they need to delete it from the CR. I think I am right on this, but if not I know someone will jump in and correct me.
  4. Thanks for answering Sky, appreciate your honesty. I agree with how you are seeing it, and thought the same thing, when the agreement is now agreed upon between the debtor and creditor. As for the pay as agreed, I feel that it should also be able to reflect the truth, because it is now being paid as agreed as of the new agreement. Thats just my thought on it also. Thanks.
  5. Hey Bud, I didn't say that it doesn't work or that you shouldn't use it. I am trying to find out if one should because of what another said in Cowboy71's post. Thats good to hear that it worked for you. But I am searching for the truth behind the answer to this scenerio, not if it will work or not. Go and read Cowboy71's post COMPLETELY and you will be able to follow along to what I was asking.
  6. Pardon my stupidity, but what new credit laws, concerning complete verbage.
  7. I see both of your points, and I am not trying to question you. But the SOL can be documented at this site and others to being 6 years for Hawaii. Shouldn't that be enough to make the letter passable to the CA. Letting them look up the States statute to see if what we say in the letter is correct or not. My friend was thinking , because they tried to pull a fast one on him, and he found enough verification that Hawaii follows the 6 year SOL , he was going to make the CA do the leg work in looking it up, as he knows he is right. Kind of setting them up so to speak. Cause the letter does
  8. Hello everyone. A friend of mine has on his credit reports alot of unrated accounts, some stating because account was to new to rate. Others were unrated because, we were thinking it was due to him refinancing this loan for a bigger amount. So after the first loan was closed and paid off with the money he borrowed to get a bigger loan , the account that was refinanced on and then closed was listed as unrated account. The problem is , some of these accounts that is listed as unrated , also have negative comments on them. We were thinking that if an account is neutral by being unrated, an
  9. Hi, can someone explain to me why this credit union who I had a CC with that was "charged off" by them about 4 months ago. Why is it not being sold or assigned to a CA. On my CR it is showing as Charged Off and with a zero balance also. I am wondering why hasn't it gone out to a CA like the other CC that got Charged Off. I was under the impression that if an account gets Charged Off, the creditor needs to get rid of it, ex sell it out to a CA. Next, if it was Charged Off, then doesnt the OC claim it as a business deduction. If the OC claims the Charged Off debt as a business deduction,
  10. Aloha All, I just had a quick question about this SOL/ C&D letter , which I am helping a friend send to a CA who is trying to collect on a time barred debt that has exceeded the SOL in Hawaii. Most of the letters I seen has blank areas where they are expecting you to put in your states statue law referencing what you are claiming to the CA. Problem is that we cant seem to find it and the letter needs to go out immediately. My question is , is it necessary for you to put in your states laws regarding a time barred collection and also about the states SOL , in this SOL / C&D letter
  11. Aloha all, I had a question about a joint CC account that hope someone can help me with. If you are on an CC account which was opened by someone else, who put you on , that gave you all the rights to use it as they can. Can this person who opened the account be voluntarily taken off the account when it still has a balance on it. Right now, I have no available CC to use in case of emergency, a family member who has me as an authorized user on a card had suggested to me that if I wanted to use this card for myself only. Then he would like to be taken off, first. My question, is if ther
  12. Aloha Credithound, thats was great news to hear. If you dont mind me asking, could you explain what reasons you used that were effective in getting the TU to remove your negatives, especially the accounts with the "charge offs". I am currently trying to attack those type of accounts and could use you experience. Thx and Aloha.
  13. Ok, Sherman Acq. is on the CA's letter , representing them as a creditor. Is this a violation of some sort, maybe under misrepresentation of some sort.
  14. Does anyone know if a creditor will accept a partial payment and agree to re-age the account. Is this something they could do.