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  1. Tell him to try Patelco. I just got one for my new Dell computer I am loving. Mack
  2. I applied for the Citi Drivers Edge Platinum Select Master Card today and was approved for a $3600.00 credit limit. This is my 3rd time to apply for the Citi card this year and finally I got it. I am almost positive they pulled TU and my score is 680. This will be the last new account I apply for at least 6 months as I have a new auto loan (from refi), 2 new installment accounts, 1 new line of credit, and 1 AMEX charge card, refi of my current mortgage with a HELOC. My scores are going to suck big time. Although all this new credit only came with hard pulls. 3 to EX, 2 TU, 1 EQ. Not bad
  3. Morrow You Will !!!!!!!! I am still indebted to you ( know pun intended) for the Patelco thread you started. You are the bomb!!!!!!!!!!!! Mack
  4. OK I know I am totally cheesing but my AMEX Green Rewards came in today. I am ecstatic!!!!!!!!! None of this would have been possible without finding this board and the support of the members here. Thanks guys, Mack
  5. I paid GMAC off in June 2003. But had not had a late on it since August 2002.
  6. Does the LOC report to the CRA's? If so does it report as revolving? Thanks
  7. Date Received Card Status of Application Next Step Oct 29, 2004 AMERICAN EXPRESS REWARDS GREEN CARD Approved Congratulations! Your application has been approved and you should receive your new card within 7-10 days.
  8. Talked to AMEX tonight and they did approve my application for the Green Rewards card. Said I will be having it by the 18th.
  9. I sent a goodwill letter to MBNA through priority mail last week. Today I get a call from a Jennifer that works in the VP's office. She tells me there is nothing they can do. She told me it would be dishonest to remove my late payments or my account all together. My last late payment was over 2.5 years ago. I have paid the account off in full since and the account is closed. I had a lot of 90 and 120 day lates. MBNA SUX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  10. DHK What's up w/the AMEX ban. I thought you worked for them?
  11. I applied for the Amex Green on Friday. Remember my happy post? Well anyway I called in to customer service and the csr told me I was approved and would have my card by the 12th. She then went on to discuss the preferred rewards vs. the basic rewards card and I told her I wanted to upgrade and she said that would not be a problem. She told me I had to call back because an account number had not been issued. I called today and talked w/a CSR and they told me I was denied!!! WTF!!! They told me to fax them a copy of my Experian credit report. I asked them why since they pulled a new one on Friday and he said I had to do this. What is up with this?
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