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  1. In Florida if you haven't got a response to your discovery when 30 days are up, you make a "good faith" inquiry of the other side (by letter) and if they don't satisfy you then you are clear to file a motion to compel. Then you set a hearing on it (judges typically have a motion calendar where they handle smaller motions like this in a cattle call fashion one morning a week). As for their motion for summary judgment ... it remains valid until disposed of at a hearing. You want to get your discovery so that you can poke any holes in it you can. Or you may create and file an affidavit yoursel
  2. And here's what I said specifically on the mortgage situation: http://landolakes.patch.com/groups/mark-s-hankinss-blog/p/bp--foreclosures-still-ravaging-families-and-communities
  3. If anyone is bored, there's more of me to read: http://landolakes.patch.com/blogs/mark-s-hankinss-blog?content_subdomain=landolakes
  4. I just want to address a few things that came up in the thread you can find here: http://www.creditinfocenter.com/community/topic/323173-heads-up-fair-warning/#entry1286889 I am an experienced Florida-licensed attorney and have been since 1988. Since 2007 when the pace of business formation slowed to a trickle (and it has never recovered) I have branched out into other areas of practice, including estate planning, business litigation, foreclosure defense, FDCPA matters, and personal injury (bringing me full circle to where I started). I'm not immune to any of the winds that are buffeting oth
  5. I would not be a bit surprised to find some lawyerly interpretation somewhere that an offset which could not have been done by Bank A against an account in Bank A because of a defaulted credit card at Bank A suddenly becomes OK to do when the checking account is with Bank B and Bank B buys Bank A where the defaulted card is. We're talking about banks. Heck, whatever rule does exist softening the right of offset is probably on life support, and a few more shrimp and a couple of cocktails at some lobbyist's party and it's history.
  6. The judgment can be sold. But in order for the purchaser to take advantage of the court's processes to attempt any coercive means of collecting, they will need to file an assignment of that judgment so that the court will recognize them as having stepped into the shoes of the original judgment owner.
  7. Tennessee already has the highest rate of bankrutpcy, a number which strongly suggests the weakest protection of debtors. So things are only getting worse for Tennesseans.
  8. The hardcore types like LizardKing can bring out the crusader types like James Keener, which can result in boards like Art of Credit going down. The mods sometimes need to head that off at the pass. I can see their point, even though I enjoy Coltfan's stuff.
  9. If anybody still needs Credigy v. Allen out of Hillsborough County in Florida (this is that case that extends the four year statute of limitations to credit cards), I uploaded it to Scribd: http://www.scribd.com/doc/141425526/Credigy-Receivables-v-Allen-Hillsborough-Credit-Card-Statute-Limitations-Florida
  10. This article couldn't make heads or tails ... but leaned toward the 1099-c not having state-law effect. http://www.ryancareycpa.com/Papers/Tickmarks%20Fall%202006%20Article%20-%20Carey.pdf
  11. Whatever the judges know, that knowledge does not take the form of campaign contributions and sign placement permissions that keep them in office. Creditors attorneys on the other hand are ready sources of same...
  12. It takes time to get the guillotine blades sharpened...
  13. Debtorboards is not a scraper site. I'm not quite sure though why it seems to be run by Mr. Languageperson other than the fact that long, run on sentences and paragraphs make it hard to give people the help they need. Not everyone is Ernest Hemingway. Some are more William Faulkner. Or even Michael Chabon. Dude wrote a 12 page long sentence in one of his novels just for kicks.
  14. In any of the versions you buy. When it went over 10,000 views I uploaded the even-only version, but the Scribd site wouldn't let me change the title to get rid of the "(complete)." I think it's worth the money, but don't take it just from me: Amazon.com: Star Dust's review of Debt Hope: down and dirty survival strategies
  15. This can also be helpful: Debt Hope: Down and Dirty Survival Strategies Evaluation Version (Complete)