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  1. Thank you kb9tbq and Dark04. The response is much appreciated. For a little while there I couldn not reply due to my Internet being so slow (the reply button didn't show). It's up and running good now though. Anyway, I will keep you posted on what I am going to do. Right now since you don't recommend these types of companies, I am considering just consolidating my bills into one credit card. I have some late fees already adding up on my account. You can just say I'm a starving student with no financial support. I don't want to bother with getting money from mom since she should be retired, but she has to work to earn a living for herself. I guess you could say I'm going to school to support her. That's a different story altogether though. For now I am really looking for a job to help with this debt and get things together. I will tell you more. For now I will see about just putting the total on to one card. It might be my best option. Thanks again. Andy
  2. Hello Everyone , I'm new here. I have a big problem. You probably heard this a million times, but can you suggest anything to get out of debt. I was overwhelmed by all the posts about this, so I thought I ask that and the main question: Has anyone seen or gone through 800creditcarddebt.com? (I could not find it through the search in the forum) I saw it on TV so many times, and I am considering trying it. Do you suggest them. Any advice on this would help. I'm a student who just got laid off from a job. The government is supporting me at the moment, but it's hardly enough to cover everything. I'm completely stressing out over the situation. I have over $20,000 in debt. Please... any suggestions will help. Thank you and I appreciate all the feedbacks. Still A Student trying to work through school...
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