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  1. Hi..I'm in El Paso, too..did they only pull EX? Did you get results yet? Thanks
  2. Heheheheh.... Shhhh...eats a secert that i teech math end no my nuhmberrs reel welle!
  3. I are a teecher end nevre mispelle wirds!
  4. Have you checked to see if they are bonded in Texas and licensed in FL yet?
  5. Where are they located at? What state are you in?
  6. NanaC


    Sigh...I had 2 unsuccessful HIPAA attempts...I haven't had any luck with it at all..just paid CA's, one for DH, one for me on EX..
  7. Excellent news!!! I'm so glad.. What about Midland? Give me the details.. Sorry, I've been gone...proud new grandmother here to second beautiful bouncing baby boy!
  8. There's a letter in my thread on it..see my signature..
  9. Oh, NOOOOOOO...that was not my wish at all..I wanted my loans as far away from Sallie Mae as I could possibly get them. Sallie mae realized I was consolidating elsewhere and rushed to snap up my other loans so I couldn't. And, in the meantime, Direct Loans sent a LARGE check to EAC for payoff of the loans that they apparently no longer hold.
  10. Ok, this is a crazy story.. I have student loans with Sallie Mae (UGH) and EAC. I wanted to consolidate with Direct Loans. Tried and Sallie Mae refused saying they were the only lender. Of course, this isn't true but Direct Loans said they would just consolidate EAC and then I could add in Salle Mae who would not be able to refuse at that point cuz I would have a Direct Loan. So, the EAC consolidation was official on the 23rd and funded on that date. Today, in the mail, I receive notice from Sallie Mae dated 1/22 saying that they had purchased the loans from EAC and the usual thing about continuing to pay, etc. So, I call Direct Loans who say don't worry, they paid on the 23rd and I can't seem to make them understand Sallie Mae's letter is dated 22nd. May I add..I HATE SALLIE MAE!!! So, here's my questions: 1) What's going to happen with this payment from Direct Loans that was sent to EAC? 2) Could Direct Loans be right and Sallie Mae didn't really buy my loans as this letter states? 3) Could EAC have sold my loans after being notified by Direct Loans that they were purchasing them? 4) Can I hate Sallie Mae anymore than I already do? (LOL) Sigh..this is crazy! Any thoughts appreciated!
  11. I had a perfectly clean report, good history, many positives, fair util (50%), no bad history with household and got declined-then on reconsideration got a whole $500 and 17.9..they are my worst Cl and my worst APR. Had them 6 months and I asked for increase and reduction. Reduction no go and increase request in progress. But, it's been a week and nothing showing online so I'm sure I'm getting turned down by them. So....I'll be closing them as soon as I get the decline letter. For whatever reason, they hate me..LOL...and honest, absolutely ZERO negs were/are on my report and my other cards are primarily prime (blue, chase, bofa, etc) So...go figure..I'm not crazy about them. Actually, I'm just jealous that they are so good with others and so awful with me. teehee Let me add, have used them up to $400, then paid down to $50, perfect payment history with them since I've had them, as well.
  12. And, it was showing on the credit report when they pulled?? Thanks!
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