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  1. Hello everyone. I have 3 negative TL's on both EX and TU reports from AMERICAN AGENCIES. The info is dead wrong on the report and one of them is obviously a duplicate account (amount, dates) but the in house ref.# is different. Anyhow, lots of people on this board have had problems w/ this company and I've been reading quite a bit about them on other sites as well. For anyone who wants help deleting them from your report this info may help you. Their current "corporation status" is SUSPENDED. This site updates it's info each week. Also they have a pretty terrible reputation w/ the BBB too. Now, I'm not sure how useful this suspension is in regards to disputing, but I would think that in this case, they shouldn't be able to do very much in the way of operations until that is cleaned up. I'm going to start the process w/ them this week as I've been working on other TL's lately and just getting to this one. Do any of the experts here have an opinion or knowledge about this company and it's current status? Do you think that this info would help in our disputes w/ them and the CRA's??? I know that they seem to collect mostly for PacBell. However, PacBell is now SBC and American Agencies also does or used to go by ADVANCED COLLECTION SYSTEMS as well. One last thing, while researching their status I found this site as well. This lady seems to have a pretty big case against them and others. Thanks again for all of the help!
  2. Hello again. I'm wondering if anyone knows the correct SOL for Virginia for open- ended accounts? According to Good Credit is Sexy book (page 242) it is 6 years. I've also seen that number of years on several different legal websites for Virginia. HOWEVER, in several other websites INCLUDING this one ("Statute of Limitations" link listed above on this forum) it says 4 years for VA. Now, I'm not even in Virginia. I live in California. I've read several places that it is sometimes up to the creditor which state they go by if they sue. Capital One is in Virginia, right? All addresses that I've seen for them (billing, applications, collection letters) all have VA as state. I have a charge off that is past SOL or right near it (for California)according to dates on CR's. Reports also say that account will fall off report in 2006. If VA SOL is actually 6 years for cc accounts then that would be 2005 before SOL would run out. This was a $300 limit account that is now over $1500 because of fee's each month! I'm sure many of us have accounts like this. Because of some newbie mistakes I made many months ago, I don't stand a chance to dispute this as "not mine." One more thing: Does anyone know if Crap1 will ever go for deletion if negotiate settlement?? I would expect that they never do that, but would love to hear a success story. Thanks
  3. I believe that it was a local cash advance company. However, when I called the CA they told me that the company no longer operated in California. They were very small for sure. They only had one small office here in town. They were NOT one of those big franchise type advance chains. Does that aspect matter in regards to disputing it? Also, when I dispute this w/ the CRA's, won't they probably just research by calling the courts and verify that there was indeed a judgement filed? Or is possible that they will investigate more into the validity of the the case all together? Meaning, if I write details to the CRA's about how this should have never happened, will they even take me seriously? Thanks for the advice and opinions!
  4. Hello again. I'm going to try and be as brief as possible about the background of this problem. I paid a cash advance place the money I owed them. I payed them in CASH though. This was over two years ago. I didn't owe them anymore money. However, I don't have any proof of this, no receipt, etc. Earlier this year, 2003, I get served by a Sherrif's Deputy at my work (military) telling me of a hearing for this case. They were trying to get a Judgement against me. HOWEVER, the cash advance company (original creditor) THAT I ALREADY PAID, no longer existed here in Calif. at the time I was served. I tried calling, writing, etc so as to avoid this Jugement. I later learned that the people getting the Jugement were a local collection agency. I couldn't go to the hearing on the court date due to my military obligations. I wasn't even here on the court date. Weeks later I receive, via mail, a notice of my Jugement and it says I had to pay the OC (cash advance people who no longer exist). Because I had already paid them a long time ago, I didn't pay the courts the judgement ordered. A month or two after this they GARNISH me through the military because they had this rediculous Judgement. Better yet, they did it TWICE ( 2 months in a row) for the same amount! So, I ended up being garnished for double the alleged amount owed (which I didn't even owe 'cause they'd already been paid off in cash a year earlier). So, of course, by this time, they had been paid 3 different times for the same debt. Crazy. I tried to get re-embursed for the second monthly garnishment via the military garnishment offices and they told me, "sorry, we can't help you. You have to try and get it back through the original creditor." Remember, the original creditor doesn't exist anymore, and at this time I had NO idea who the collection agency even was. So, I had no one to try and get money back from. Then, in July 2003 I pull an Equifax report and see this collection agency listed and OC being the cash advace place. I call them and they tell me to dispute w/ Equifax and that she won't respond to that and that will come off the report (the collection tradeline). At this time there is NO Judgement listed on any of my reports. ALso, I learn that AFTER they were paid via garnishment they reported me to Telecheck!!!!! This month, NOV2003, I pull a 3/1 report and the CA's tradeling is gone but the Judgement is on EX and TU but not on Equifax. So, this morning I call the lady at the collection agency (got the number from the old Eq report) to ask about how to get proof that they were paid because the PUBLIC RECORDS judgement (that never should have happened anyway), still read "UNPAID." She surprises me and says that first of all, she has a check for me for the overpayment (double garnishment) and that she is surprised about the Telecheck part and that the courts are still reporting as "Unpaid." She's going to the courts today anyway and says she'll help me by getting this changed to "Satisfied" AND will mail me my check. We'll see if this happens. However, IF SHE DOES get the courts to start reporting "SATISFIED" how do I get this Judgement OFF of my report all together???? She told me that she can't do that for me unless I have proof that I paid the OC off in CASH over two years ago. Of course, I don't have proof of this 'cause I never dreamed that the OC would have scammed me like this. She then advised me to try and dispute w/ EX and TU but that they will just verify w/ the courts that there was a case and probably wouldn't delete the whole thing all together. Remember though, the OC doesn't even exist now. So what can I do? Sorry for the terribly long post, but I thought that this background info might spark some ideas from some of you as to what to use w/ the CA's as my argument. Thanks so much for all of the great information.
  5. Thanks for the replies. So, if I understand this correctly, the past positive account history will go on my report even if I was added to the account very recently? If so, that's a very cool thing. I'm surprised that I don't read more about other people doing this. Also, if that's how it works, does anyone know how far back of a payment history the tradeline would show (2years, 4years, etc) ?
  6. Hello all. I really like these Forums. Thanks for all the good info. I was reading GCisSexy book, page 10 under 'Four Tricks to Adding Positive Credit' and had a question about #1. It says that you can "piggyback" on a friend/family by having them add you as an Authorized User on their good credit card account. If I did this, I would simply return the card to the person that would help me by using this method. My intention is JUST to get their positive payment history on my report. Now, I also understand the debt to income ratio problem. So, it would have to be credit card that never carries a very high balance because this person's income is way higher than mine. So, assuming that we added me to the right card, how effective is this method? If anyone has done this, could you please post some results. I'm wanting to know how this actually reflects on a credit report. I'm rebuilding now, but I'm ALSO still trying to use DV method w/ CAgencies, and disputing addresses and accounts to the CRA's. Thanks in advance!