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  1. Thank you both so much. Looking at this 1099-A, it says FORECLOSURE with a phone # under the Lender name/address, but no box indicating the debt was discharged in bankruptcy. Lender's listed as the first creditor on our voluntary petition, and I know I would not have reaffirmed this debt because it was the largest debt. Even if some mistake was made I haven't heard from the lender in over a year, and they sold the property for about half the FMV listed on the 1099-A. The only box checked says: "If checked, the borrower was personally liable for repayment of the debt." I have my petition & discharge notice to take to H&R Block, will also take this mortgage forgiveness info. I'm assuming H&R Block can help me with challenging the 1099 if need be? Thank you both again!
  2. I got a 1099-A in the mail earlier this year, but didn't think it was a big deal since we got discharged Chapter 7. My mom always does my taxes but can't do it this year cuz she doesn't understand what to do with this form & doesn't wanna screw our taxes up. Tomorrow we're taking everything to H&R Block & hope we can sort this out although that's probably gonna cost us $400. I asked my BK lawyer who said I should get a tax professional to take care of it. Does this mean I'm gonna have to pay taxes on $120k left over from the house? After just paying off an old debt not included in the BK, I thought we were finally coming out on the other side but just when I think I'm out, they pull me back in Trying to find some humor in this. Only info we could find is to gather all receipts for improvements we made in/to the house to offset that money. Some things I can't even find receipts for, ironically this past New Year's Eve I packed up all files related to the house & put them in a closet & even threw some stuff out, thinking I'm moving forward & just spent this evening digging to find old receipts. We bought a new stove while in that house but left it behind, I left a lotta paperwork related to that stove (which probably could've proved the purchase) thinking I was being nice & helping the next family who moved in. Now I'm screwed. I expected this to follow us for 7 years at the least (we're in year 2) but will this ever end or does stuff keep popping up? Any advice before I go to H&R Block? Thanks in advance.
  3. Just got an email that my Citibank student loan was sold to Sallie Mae. I was in the process of making payment arrangements with Citibank but they said I may as well wait until Monday because Sallie Mae was taking over. Haven't found any positive info about Sallie Mae's practices online. I'm hoping I can consolidate my loans & make some kinda arrangement with them, we just went through a bankruptucy & are just starting to get back on track financially (still have two credit cards of my mother's to pay off, even though I'm technically not responsible for them via the BK). But what I'm reading about Sallie Mae doesn't sound good. One person suggested getting a loan from a bank to pay it off but since I filed BK would probably need a co-signor and I don't have one. anybody dealing with Sallie Mae for for student loans? Thanks.
  4. I have an opportunity to pay off a car loan I reaffirmed in a chapter 7 BK which was discharged in September. It is with Wells Fargo. We're considering paying it off to have one less bill and one less thing to worry about. Since our credit is already not great thanks to the BK, would it hurt for us to go ahead and pay this off now, or would it help our credit standing at all to pay it off as agreed in the reaffirmation? It should be paid off by November 2011. Thanks for any help and Happy New Year to all.
  5. Hello all, I just completed a Chp 7 bankruptcy and we walked away from our house. We had first (Citimortgage) and second (HSBC) mortgages on the house. We live in Georgia. We've been getting letters from attorneys called McCurdy and somebody about foreclosing, they even sent a certified letter and we didn't get it because we didn't know who they were at first. I also got a letter from the tax assessors office saying that according to their records we don't own the property anymore. I have a friend that got foreclosed on (she didn't file bankruptcy though), said she ignored any and all notifications from anyone & eventually the house was foreclosed on, but if that's not the right way to handle this I don't want to do that. Do I need to respond to these inquiries or should I just let it play out? Also, does the second mortage foreclose on the property as well somehow? Thanks for any help.
  6. I asked her to send a C&D (assuming that is cease & desist) but she replied with the info above. I'll have my husband respond that we don't have that stuff and see what happens. I'm disappointed in this BK atty she did a great job during the BK & even seemed like she'd help with this til I got that reply above. Thank you all again.
  7. Well, it looks like I'm on my own with this. Here's the response from the bankruptcy atty They are allowed to try and collect the collateral on a secured card. They are generally reasonable to work with. I would suggest you call them and explain your concerns and negotiate what you believe to be a fair amount for the items you have and tell them what you can pay each month or a lump sum to pay it off. If you cannot come to an agreement then ask them to specify what items they will want returned specifically if no agreement is met.
  8. Altho I am gonna fight them now, I never bought the computer from Best Buy, they only repaired it and now that they haven't sent me proof of a $219 gift card I'm thinking even if they wanted to go all the way with this they'd lose on that note unless they produced another receipt. But I will definitely keep what you said in mind re: writ & court & all those fees they'd have to pay. Thanks again to all.
  9. Thought you guys might get a laugh from this. Below lists what they want back based on the six receipts sent & it's probably not even a fraction of the amount written off from the BK. 4 DVDs 2 CDs 4 IPOD accessories (I think, can't decipher exactly what the items were based on the receipt) a Car CD (cassette I'm sure) adaptor a $15 Itunes gift card a water filter 1 thing I can't even figure out what it is There are no prices or amounts paid on any of the receipts, and I don't see $305 based on the info they sent. And altho they spoke of a $219 gift card we bought, no receipt was provided for that. One receipt shows items were paid for with four gift cards and probably the remaining balance put on the BB card. I sent all to our atty & asked her to send a cease & desist letter so waiting to hear back.
  10. I'm curious as to why you say they have two liens - is one for the gift card and the other for the rest? Either way we'll take it as far as we can and make them spend as much as we can to get this stuff back. THANKS TO ALL FOR YOUR ASSISTANCE & ADVICE!!!
  11. Thank you! I will pass this language onto my hubby to use when they call again.
  12. We will definitely do that. And yes it is for MS Student Office 2007, which is even cheaper I believe. And that's a good point, my computer did not come from Best Buy so they can't take that & I'll still have the programs even if I just end up giving them the box and disc if I can even find them. They did send a list of itemized items, but no prices or purchase dates as hubby requested. I told him to request prices and dates because we did pay off the bill in full at one point and I want to confirm what they're claiming was actually part of that balance if we have to return anything. I forgot to bring the list with me today but will do so tomorrow to PDF to our atty just in case.
  13. Oh I did forget one item! The MS Home/Student program which cost between $100-$125 because I remember having a coupon.
  14. This made me LOL really hard because the computer we revived is now 12-13 years old, & we only did that cuz hubby doesn't wanna learn a new one. Altho we need it cuz he's looking for work my first instinct is to say take it & good luck! Doing so may also force hubby into the new millennium! Thanks for the advice. Ironically I recently won a new Ipod shuffle that I was gonna donate to Toys for Tots & it's an older version than the one I have. Maybe I'd better hold onto it Hubby had all the store cards & think only for Macys (two different ones) and JC Penney. Are they known for this too? Oh I had a Lane Bryant.
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