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  1. My wife has a $3,000 collection on her Experian report. It ws paid in full by insurance. I disputed it on 1/19 on 1/20 got a email saying results ready. CHecked it and it said verified. HOw is this possible verified in 1 day when it isn't even valid? I have proof that it was paid in full by insurance. What d I do now?
  2. No the sons friend is not my wife. He never went to jail we just went to pick him up from the police station. He is a minor so they asked my wife her name and pulled up her drivers liscence through the computer and said he can get the rest off of that. Fl dl doesn't have ss#'s on them. I dont remeber remember if he asked for her ss# to be honest. Anyway the other kids parents went to the police department to get a copy of the police report. THey refused that request but told them they could give them my wifes information so they can contact us about what was going on. THey gave her a print out of her DL which of course has her address, dob ect. Then for some reason they also gave her another paper with her social security number on it and home and work number. This was all seperate from the police report as they refused to give that to them. I am not excusing what my son did I'm just wanted to know if what they did was legal? THis person could easily have commited identify theft with this info,which I know they wont just the idea of it.
  3. Not sure if this can be answered here but thought I would give it a try. MY son and his friend was arrested. Friend mom went to get copy of police report. They refused but for some reason gave them all of my wifes information including her social security number, dob, dl#, address, home phone number and copy of DL. IS it legal to give out her ss# ?
  4. Got a call from a attorneys office called Wagner and Hunt today at work. THey are calling for a debt owed to Dell computers. I bought it i2006 so the it is still with in the SOL. THey wanted my bank account number to take out payments I can't afford. I said no. They said if I don't agree to it they will file a lawsuit. Amount owed with fees they said is $2,000. SInce our income is considered below poverty level can they still garnesh my wages? Also I asked them not to call me at work anymore and they said the can call me anywhere they want since they are attorneys is this true?
  5. I am filing chapter 13 to save my home. If I find out I forgot to put down a creditor will the debt still be discharged in the end or only the ones that are listed?
  6. Jeff, Can you be more specific about your situation? Got 90 days behind last year due to loss of employment, was out of work almost 3 months. Got new job, pays a lot less. got 2 moths caught up but took everything I had. now I am 90 days past due. . Tried to send in a payment but it was refused. THey said they want Feb, March, April payments plus late fees or they will acclerate forclosure process. What type of loan do you have? conventional 2 year Arm How much is the home worth? $185,000 12/06 appraisal How much do you owe? $148,000 counting late fees and pre-pay penalty Can you afford the payments going forward? Yes I can Any idea of your credit scores? 495 515 514 will be lower once 90 day late hits. Probbaly not the smartest thing to do but thinking of another chapter 13 to keep home The investor is looking for a "short sale." This is when the lender will be willing to negotiate to keep from having a foreclosure sale. With a short sale, the lender will weigh the options of either getting more money from the short sale, or getting more money from auction
  7. I am not sure, the market here has took a huge nose dive.
  8. I sure haven't found a better solution. For some reason the guy said the investor wants to wait until a actual foreclosure date before he does it. Can't figure out the reason. Pay off will; just increase then with the fees.
  9. Found out they are it is listed under collection bureas collections servicres.
  10. Finally found the website I don't see them listed though. Guess I need to figure out what the letters stand for and try that way. http://www.flofr.com/licensing/licensecheck.htm
  11. For some reason I am having a hard time finding where to go. So does anyone know if CBCS is licensed to collect in Florida? THye are trying to collect a 3 year old bellsouth bill.
  12. Thanks for all the replies, guess what I will do is when he shows me papers I will take them to a real estate attorney and have them look it over.
  13. I will do that. I have no idea how thye do it to be honest.
  14. Due to being behind on my mortgage and unable to get refianced, I am being threatened with foreclosure. I found a company that has a investor that will by the property, pay off the mortgage and rent it back to me cheaper then I am paying now. He said I will actually be on the paper as owner as well and will have to buy the property back in 2 years. ANyone have any experiance with this? Is this a legit way to keep my home?
  15. Thanks for the replies. I am going to send off a certified letter siting the statutes you gave and demand removal.
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