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  1. can someone tell me if i am able to get a loan with a 2 year old chpater 7 bk and foreclosure? if so through who? thanks
  2. found this elsewhere thought id share.. 50% Off ALL MYFICO Products w/ Promo Code Promo Code allows 50% off all MYFICO Available Products! 50FICOKIT
  3. is offering a Free Fico Credit Score to anybody who logs into their Message Board / Forum. The Credit Score is from Equifax. Details are at the following site: At the top right in the 'Announcements' section you'll see the following: "Free FICO scores for logged-in FICO Forums members!! If you’re not already a FICO Forums member, click Sign in and then the Sign up button to create a Forums logon. Get your Free FICO score now!" It's available to the first 10,000 people.
  4. Question regarding bk and private student loans. Can a private student loan co still report the payment status on an account after a bk has been dismissed if the account was included in a bk? I understand they can still collect. Thanks
  5. does anyone have any sample letters to send to the creditors to dispute incorrectly items reporting the creditor is reporting, that has already been verfied through the credit reporting agencies? My creditor shows iib/charge off when infact it was current.
  6. just to let you know I opted out for any emails and have not received any solicitations. So I think people should opt out if this is a concern.
  7. Hello All: Free credit score for the first 10000 people. No credit card required. From equifax
  8. Hello All: I filed chapter 7 and used the passthrough or ride through method keep some rental property. My question is, if I decide to let the rental property go into foreclosure at a later date, if the property was included in the bankruptcy and I did not reaffirm the debt, can the foreclosure be reported on my credit reports. After reading the boards my 1st thought was no it would have to be reported as zero balance etc. and only the prior bk payment history could be reported but then I spoke with the mortgage company and they said they could report my payment history once the bk has been finalized. Was the rep correct?
  9. hello there: in the state of ca they lender can not pursue the defiency if it is a purchase (From what I read). I have about 1 million in property debt and about 35k in cc debt. thanks
  10. Im in the process of foreclosure with one of my homes and because of this my credit score has gone from a 715 to a 513 and the foreclosure hasnt even hit my credit yet. You can imagine how much lower it will go once the home goes into foreclosure. So heres my question, since my credit will already suck I was thinking of filing bankruptcy chapter 7 and starting all over again. For those who have BK'd in the past whats your opinion on this? Should I just foreclose or should I BK and Foreclose and start all over again? Thanks
  11. so I get this Credit alert from Chase Credit Protection. And im thinking great they cancelled me and now I get alerts... but I said what the heck let me try to log in. Well I tried to log in and low and behold it let me!!!!! It even let me view my alert and credit report after I got the dreaded news they cancelled me. I was sooooo excited I didnt know what to do:) I was tempted to pull my report but just dont want to take the chance. Has anyone else tried loggin in after you have been cancelled?
  12. Im so sad.... not sure where to go..... my friend works at Transunion and confirmed that they would cancel accounts that pulled through True Credit consistently say it isnt so
  13. thanks guys for your quick response. I have disputed by phone in writing by bird (haha jk) in other words I have disputed disputed disputed and no luck. But i will try the duplicate idea.... I havent tried that. Thanks so much