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  1. If you can't get Best Buy, have you tried one of your local smaller retailers? They are usually more willing to work with people with bruised credit, IMO. good luck!
  2. I agree, that sucks. With scores like that, just take your business elsewhere maybe?
  3. Ahhh, gotcha. Well, he definately needs to convert because we want to balance transfer a few cc's over. Now if he can just get home at a decent time to call them!
  4. To me, this would seem like an awesome card to have if it weren't for them not reporting limits. There is a credit limit, but its not set and you can go over? DH has NO revolving credit. I wonder if this might actually help his score?
  5. I only activated one and haven't charged anything, so I'm going to have him combine and convert to one that does report limits tonight.
  6. DH was approved for and received two cards. I activated one for him and noticed that on the balance transfer page it said you can transfer up to FOUR balances. Is there always a limit to the number of balance transfers usually?
  7. What are your scores and where have you been applying too? I know Beneficial and American General are pretty good with approvals with lower scores.
  8. congrats! They gave me 1 w/out asking and I haven't had one since. I refuse to pay for an increase though. I wouldn't pay for another increase, but of course thats up to you. I thinks its crap they charge for that kind of stuff.
  9. if you didn't write down your application # then you can email them with your social and ask or just call.
  10. DENIED....I'm laughing right now. She said I have too many accounts past due (HUH?....I have none past due!) and too many recent requests for credit...thats because I was shopping around for a decent rate to replace my stupid Chase card. Oh well!
  11. yep, you are right to be wary of chase and the rate jack thing....they rate jacked me big time and I'm paying a WORSE interest rate than my piddly orchard card. I'm paying it off and putting it in the sock drawer...not worth it.
  12. congrats on the circuit city approval....Chase has surprised me lately too, my aunt is not even discharged from her ch. 13 bankruptcy (still paying until October) and now has FOUR chase cards totally up to 20K in credit.
  13. 2,000! I have the green card and have tried three times to get a card with a credit limit, decided what the hey while we signed up for a Costco card the other day. It has pretty good benefits too...
  14. thanks chase- I called and she said to call back on monday? she said takes 24-48 hrs to process the app. I wonder why some were able to find out after an hour? We have moved twice here lately, so a lot of my apps haven't been instant but have been approved upon talking to me and getting address verification, so maybe thats it. I hope so, would love to do some BT's if its a good amount.
  15. hey guys- awesome thread, I just applied and it said thank you, we'll give you our decision soon and then it let me select options for the card. does that mean I'm approved?
  16. I had the same thing happen-then I received my account number in the mail a week or so later and funded my account online. You can just call them to, like the other poster said. Just make sure you fax everything in-ID, SScard, a bill that shows where you live,blood samples....(just kidding)
  17. I think Wells Fargo pretty much pulls TU and they are great with working with people with bruised credit.
  18. yeah I hear you on the Chase....my card is at a whopping 20%...more than my Orchard card! I don't use it much though. Maybe you could just talk to them, have them look over your reports and ask them what they would approve you at? tell them you want to do some balance transfers. I applied for the visa classic, got that for 500, then applied for the mastercard and got that for 1,000--its actually a platinum rebate card for whatever thats worth-didn't know that was what it was until it arrived in the mail. I turned down the one for 500, I have enough of those low limit cards already
  19. I have about a 650 score on EX and tried for 1,000 and got that-I might have been able to get more, but didn't want to go for too much and be denied-my only other highest CL is 1500. I would say, shoot for around what your other highest CL is and go from their. Or, shoot for the moon and they'll probably just approve you for what they think you can handle. If I remember reading correctly, the "loans" are on their credit cards anyway, but again I'm not sure. OH and I have a paid repo from 1999 and a some old medical paid CO's, some slow pays from years ago.
  20. I just logged on one day after about 4 mths and got a 200 dollar increase. I always paid in full, kind of hard not to do on a 300 dollar limit card, so thats probably why I got the increase.
  21. Stay far, far away from Capitol One....I'm sure others will agree about that. Have you tried Patelco? They are pretty liberal and pull EX. www.patelco.org
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