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  1. Chase pretty much pulls TU exclusively. I've heard from some people they may pull EX or both, but its mostly TU. Have you been to this site? http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/whopulledmycredit/ They break it down by state.
  2. Well, after cleaning up my credit and being able to get credit cards now, I have no desire to fall back into old charge em' up and pay only the minimum behavior again. All my cards are in my filing cabinet in a plastic baggie. I only just recently whipped out my target card because I needed to buy some Christmas gifts that I don't want DH seeing and plan on using my new Chase card for the same purpose, so he won't see where I'm buying him stuff from. So do you all keep the majority in your wallet for day to day spending...emergencies, etc. or do you do like I do and keep them sockdrawered? For me, it was getting silly to have them in my wallet because I tend to whip out the plastic before my debit card and thats just plain dumb, so out of site out of mind for me.
  3. They seem to be giving CLI's out in abundance here lately. I still haven't got one, I've had the card 7 mths. Congrats!
  4. They seem to be giving CLI's out in abundance here lately. I still haven't got one, I've had the card 7 mths. Congrats!
  5. Thats great! I did apply to Citi and they pulled Experian for me. I'm battling it out with Experian right now, they tanked my scores after I disputed some lates and disputed the ONE charge off I have on their, a medical thats paid. Well, they changed the date of status on it and now it looks new and it tanked my score *sigh* so yeah, no Citi Card for me just yet!
  6. That sucks! yeah definately try PFB. I'm still waiting to see what my CL is.
  7. Tu is clean, except for a couple of two year old lates, so I was lucky there. I actually applied for the Toys R Us card, I think its white with some designs on it. I wanted the perfect card, but decided to try this one first.
  8. Thanks edubb! I'll have a look at that link. I'm just wondering what the CL will be. Like I said above, I don't care the amount, but it would be nice if it was above 500. Good luck on Chase!
  9. Ah, now I get what you mean Kbean. I guess MY definition of prime is a lender who would not issue me a card in the past. I got all my crap cleaned up and now they'll issue me one. I also have hopes of a card with a credit limit over 500, LOL. 500 is my highest CL right now, besides my military star which is 2,000. I keep hearing Household Bank is a subprime lender, so to me, being able to get Chase means I was able to fling myself out of subprime hell, for now. Does that all make sense? Native- I would LOVE to have a BofA and I've read up on all the horror stories with Chase, so I'll keep close tabs on everything for sure.
  10. Well, being that I only have household cards and a first premier, Chase is PRIME for me. Even if its a 300 limit-I'll take it. Its a stepping stone and I'm not picky.
  11. I finally got approved for a prime card! I applied to Chase because they pull TU and its my best report (680 FICO) Not sure of my credit limit yet, I have to fax in my proof of address and ID because I had to use my mom's address, so after I do all that I can get my card!! Just had to share my good news, thanks guys!! UPDATED TO ADD that I got the shiny new Toys R Us Platinum with a 1500 CL. It took over a month! I had to fax in proof of residency and photo ID, the whole shebang. Its not a lot, but its a higher CL than my 500 UP and its a start! Thanks everyone, for all the great info on this board and the help!
  12. Thats great!! I pulled my transunion FICO score and its a (gasp) 671.. so I applied for Chase as well. Its still processing. How long was the wait to find out you were approved. As far as the CLI...call them. It can't hurt.
  13. congrats, with a score like that, it doesn't surprise me they were nice to you. I guess my credit score has to get higher for them to be nice to me
  14. Okay Rav, we have the same opinion about them. Their customer service does suck, you can't call the branch. I would say they are strict with their lending, based on what friends have said. They pull EQ exclusively, as said above.
  15. yes, DH and I do. Lots of people seem to like them, but I really hate them. I only signed up with them as a place to cash checks and save money and to open an account, (this was five years ago) they pulled reports and offered us only a savings until our credit was better. Fine. What really T'd me off was when I went to deposit a FIVE dollar check and they put a friggin 9 day hold on it when I had 3,000 in the account!! They told me I could re-apply for an account and have the hold taken off the account. I said No thanks. I have had the account, perfect standing for five years and keep a good balance and they want to hold a 5 dollar check. They also tried putting a hold on a tax rebate check. Well anyway, I know you asked about them for loan purposes, but I just have no desire to want to ever get a loan thru them for the reasons above...just my two cents. I know a lot of people like them.
  16. No, if you applied for target/ providian/kay, those are all going to count as one inquiry each on whoever they used to pull your report. All the household cards count as one inquiry if you apply all at the same time.
  17. I would try searching the BBB online and on the net. I haven't heard of them, but be careful. How horrible is your credit? have you pulled your reports recently? Give us more details and we might be able to suggest a well-known company.
  18. pjwife27

    Crap 1

    Is it paid? because I'm sure all they are going to do is try and verify it again. Not sure if they'll go by what was reported in August. that could have been a mistake.
  19. I had the same thing happen with Equifax. Disputed some stuff, and EVERYTHING was wiped out. I didn't even have a credit score for awhile. No, its wasn't a split file,either. Well, its good and bad. Yes, a couple of my cc were added back on that I still use (with the lates) but some of the old bad stuff (including a paid repo) are now gone. I kind of wish I had my old credit that I had paid and used good (installment loans) still on there because that would have given me a score boost and lenders could see that I used and paid for credit wisely in the past. Now all I have is 4 year old accounts with a couple lates and three new accounts. So yeah, I am gonna have to prove myself for awhile for my score to come up. So the cc you use will be added back on once they update, I'm pretty sure.
  20. Sorry, not much help, but I can offer a thread that might help you sort it all out. Good Luck! http://www.creditboards.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=28194
  21. congrats! I need to get off my butt and try a goodwill for some lates that were a couple years ago.
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