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  1. Ok here it go. I originally purchased my home back July 4, 2003. Everything was going great. I was debt free at the time with money in the bank. Well nearly 3 years later I'm 30,000 in credit card debt and I was recently server with child support papers (seem like I have a child that is 8 years old). I'm trying to prepare for possibly paying child support and somehow getting my credit card situation under control. I recently took a DNA test for the child... results will be back any day now. As far as the cards here they are: Chase 5,000 (rounding off) CitiBank 4,300 Corvette 2,300 GM 4,800 AMEX 5,000 ATT 4,000 I have (2) car notes as well (I owe 9,000 on my car) and wife owes over 18,000 on hers. Is it a good idea to try to re-fi the house and get a loan to pay off the car (my car) and/or the CC's? Everything is becoming unmanageable. I would love to get the CC's down to 1..2.. or 3 payments. But making 6 payments on CC monthly can become a bit confusing. Looks like I may have to get a 2nd job if turns out I am a new dad because my budget is so tight right now. My current loan on my house Purchase price $181,000 APR 6.02, rate 5.875 30 year fixed Purchased July 4, 2003 I'm talking to DCU.ORG right now about possible re-financing the loan. I thought about getting a line of credit and pay off the CCs and write off the interest. I was also thinking about going with a interest only loan to lower the payments (if the child is mine) until my situation get better. I'm looking to sell my home in 3-5 years in all honesty. If anyone can point me in the right direction I'd really appreciate it. I recently had a stress attack and really need to face this problem head-on to get a grip on it. Thanks.
  2. Charles- Thank you. My mortgage is currently being serviced by Netbank. I will call them up and see if they will take a chance on me. By the way, I live right outside of Atlanta, GA.
  3. Hello Team, Maybe some can help me here. I received a letter at my Grandmothers home today for cell/pager bill back in 1995. The account was paid up until 1997. Acceptance has now bought the old account and they are coming after me for the amount owed $416.41 according to them. I called the debt collector on the letter fearing something was opened recently in my name and thats when I discovered the account was open back in 1995 and paid up until 1997. What steps can I use to get this problem out of my hair? I'm about to write them a certified letter disputing the validity of this debt and demand a contract with my signature to prove the debt is indeed my own. Judging from past experiences with this company, I know they can be a real pain in the a$$! This debt is quite old though. If this debt was paid up until 1997.. what is the SOL on this account? Lets just say for example the debt was paid up until 12/97, this means the SOL is 12/97+ 7 years right which would be 12/2004 (this month). Am I missing anything here?
  4. Hi Guys, DF recently received a pink slip. I'm interested in obtaining a 2nd mortgage on home to pay off car notes (33k) and possibly credit card bills (rougly 5k - 6 cards). We paid $0 down for our new home 06-03 so we proably have little and/or no equity. Credit scores - EQUIFAX 670 EX 650 TU 643. Any ideas on how I can go buy getting a 2nd mortgage to pay off bills with the idea of reaping tax benefits for 2nd mortage? Please help!
  5. You want a quick and cheap way ($0 money) to increase your credit score? Try this - dispute inquiries off your report (each inquiry on your report is a -3 points toward your score) This method work extremely well with Equifax, the other reporting agencies may give you a hard time. Simply call Equifax up and dispute the inquries off with a customer service representative. If this is not feasible, dispute your inquiries in writing to each bureau. Some people tend to believe this is not possible, but try it and find out for yourself. Good luck!
  6. I'm in the market for a used (ceriified) Lexus for obvious reasons. The best rate I found thus far is with DCU at 5.24% for 60 months or 6.99% for 84 months. I know they pull on Eq (my best score - currently 678). Anyone know of any other establishment that can beat the rates quoted here and only pull Equifax? Please advise.
  7. Well, Keep at it guys. It's sad to say it took me some odd 10 years after my 18th birthday to figure out how important credit is in our society today. After two years of disputing items and constantly writing creditors, everything is making a turn for the better. Good luck to you all..
  8. I just recieved a call from AMEX. They approved me for Blue with $2000 limit. Sucky limit, but at least I got blue. One more card to throw in the freezer.
  9. Ok guys, Wifey is in dire need of a vechile. Her credit is awful (to say the least). I'm thinking about taking on the loan myself. Where is the best place to find good/reliable used vechicles (2000 models and up w/warranty?) Any reputable dealers in the Atlanta area. Please do not mention Bill Heard - they are a rip off!! I found quite a few vehicles on ebay for roughly 6000-7000 (2001-2002 models). Any help is appreciated.
  10. I have never saved money in my life until now (with exception of employer 401k plan). My question is how can I invest this money creatively with min risks. My checking account interest of 0.40% is a joke (about 1.25/month). Any suggestions?
  11. I recieved an offer from Amex Blue and decided to send in my invitation letter. I'm in Atlanta, GA. Do Amex pull EX for customers in Atlanta? My Experian scores PG is roughly 670 ... TU 638... Eq 677 (4 recent credit cards basically with moderate balances are making my scores low) GM $1100/1500 Chase $1500/4500 GM Corvette $225/2500 Universal $700/2300 Home Depot $0/1000 Orchard Bank 0/300 The web we weave hey?
  12. Hey Guys, First of all I own a DR Horton based home. After hearing complaints, gripes, etc I wish I would've been patient and did more research before purchasing. A good place to start your research is JD POWERS. Go to and click on home builders. Judge for yourself, be informed. Good luck.
  13. I choose automatic payments from the CC provider where they will automactically deduct the min balance from your checking account. I then pay additional payments via online around the middle of the month for each card.
  14. I claimed fraud with this company and they deleted my account all together. It was a shot in the dark, but it turned out OK in the end.
  15. They approved me for 220k house and I opted for 180k. I wish I would've opted for the starter home now 130k.. these payments are a killer