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  1. Believe it or not I have gotten bumpage on Trans and Equifax using the BOFA site. I'm afraid of a split file though. rg
  2. I read in one article that a score of 850 was like finding a pink elephant. I didnt know people actually had a 850 score. Thats a pretty cool marketing technique though....
  3. Banks get nervous when you max out your credit cards becuase they think you are low on cash or in trouble and thats is why your score drops. You dont want to use more than 15 to 20 percent of your available credit. good luck rg
  4. Uhhh....can someone help me make my picture smaller thanks. rg
  5. Uhhh....can someone help me make my picture smaller thanks. rg
  6. Uhhh....can someone help me make my picture smaller thanks. rg
  7. Welcome.. WWW.PRIVACYGUARD.COM you can pull a new report everyday and you get it for only 1 dollar for two months. Welcome to bieng addicted to pulling your report everyday. rg
  8. Congratulations Morrow!....thats my next goal to get to the 10,000 plus credit limit club! rg
  9. oh oh here we go again with the red pill! ha ha ha
  10. oh oh here we go again with the red pill! ha ha ha
  11. Yeah...thats what I'm waiting for as soon as somebody buys my 1999 Honda Civic..I'm going to use the profit to pay my balance down to 1000...I'm very curious to see what happens. Very curious. rg
  12. Okay so 7 Months later I decide to buy those darn expensive FICO scores at myfico.com. I held my breath as the system was retrieving my scores...I was thinking to myself....would my scores be way lower then my PG scores...will they be higher. Well...here are the results. EXP: PG 589 VS. FICO 603 EQU: PG 664 VS. FICO 673 TRAN: PG 691 VS FICO 740 Overall I think I have Good credit now.....I"m really suprised about the Transunion score...I wonder what would happen if I paid down my chase card down all the way to 0? from a balance of $3500. My Equifax is almost identical to my Transunion report except for one diffrence one paid collection that is still on Equifax. (Now I know its that darn "Paid Collection" that is keeping me away from the 700 Club with Equifax. And Finally....Experian I have to admit I'm suprised I scored in the 600 finally...but now its time to declare Defcon 1 with Experian...and good old Equifax. I am confident I will be in the 700 Club by Christmas by the End of this year. Just wanted to share the good news to everyone especially to all you new comers. Credit Repair works...just be patient and be careful where you get your advice. Much love and success to everyone. P.S. These where my original scores before I took the Red Pill. EXP: 571 EQU: 569 TRAN: 564
  13. Wow you got a AMEX card with that score on Equifax....hmm what else do you have on Equifax...what is your utiliazation and all that good stuff. Congratulations! And thanks for the tips. rg
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