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  1. just like you after having my orchard bank since 04 they finally gave me a credit limit increase of $100. Not bad but not that great.
  2. YYYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSS I did it. I called Customer service for a credit limit increase and got approved for it. My Limit was $2000 when I got the card and when I requested i asked for a subtle $5000 limit and got approved immediately. Thanks to everyone. I love this board.
  3. Hello all. I applied for an Amex Delta Skymiles and got approved for a 2k credit limit. Im wondering, when I get the card should I request a Credit limit increase or just accept what I have and let it build from there. What are the chances that i'll get the CLI if I do request it?
  4. Would it be beneficial to me if I already have been approved for an Amex Delta Skymiles card?
  5. Yea I never have luck with citi. I usually like Marrriotts, hiltons, doubletree, basically hotels of that sort.
  6. One went into collections in 2002 and the other in 2003 which is the one im currently making payments on.
  7. my scores are in the 680's. I have 1 collections still there, I have 1 collections that im currently paying off monthly
  8. Hello everyone. Im looking at getting a credit card thats easy to get that has hotel points. Does anyone know what I should apply for?
  9. Hmm, so whats another method I can use if that doesnt go well?
  10. ok thanks. I'll wait till tuesday to call back. The guy I spoke with seems like he was helpful and got the first letter to me with no problem and quick. I'll askf or a PFD and see what happens. I'll keep you guys posted.
  11. How would i go about making sure i do this right then? I have the money order ready to send but i'll hold onto until i can get it worded correctly so that it doesnt have a negative affect on me. Also, the original creditor doesnt show on my report, just the collection company.
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