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  1. Hah! Hey @Brotherskeeper! I am never going to live that emoji down! hahah. Glad it still exists. How are you doing?
  2. Hey there CICers! Hope everyone is well. I stopped in to find some information that I suspected would be in the forums (and of course it was!) I hope everyone is fantastic!
  3. What a small world @shellieh98!!! I have been gone from the boards for years and just popped back. I read your post and there is in Grand Junction. I grew up in Western Co and we are preparing to move back. Such a wonderfully small world. I will have to stop in!
  4. I was getting nostalgic about CIC and wanted to come back in visit... I may hang around a bit.. I have a little bit of clean up to do, and it never hurts to take a refresher and read up a bit! Hi back!! Great to still see some friendly faces!
  5. Great to see everyone is still kickin'!
  6. ((((((MAMA K AND EVERYONE!))))))))))
  7. This place always holds a place in my heart! Home away from home!
  8. Hiya (((JAY))) I thought I would stop in for a brief moment as well.
  9. I haven't logged in since.. forever! I can't believe I am still in the top 10!!!
  10. I KNOW! I am SUCH a slacker :) I never forget CIC though
  11. Yay!! Congrats! Seems like you just got engaged! Funny how times flies, isn't it?
  12. New job, new promotion = very good thing = busy = less times to be on the boards Also doing the 3 day breast cancer walk... so I am a walking fool! Just livin' the dream! How are you doing?
  13. miracle

    Chevy Volt

    car porn! who knew?
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